Back to School with Clarks Shoes

I’ve been blessed the last couple of years in that Clarks have sent me vouchers for Miss L’s new school shoes, and this year they were kind enough to do it again.  This year they sent us £40 to buy the new year’s shoes – hurray!.  The PR were supposed to sort out a shopping date for us, but it didn’t happen – in fairness they might have sent me an email but with the new bathroom going in, it’s not like I’ve kept on top of email this last couple of weeks.

So this was a true non-PR test of the store, they didn’t know we were coming and it was a week day when loads of people would be there school shoe shopping.  We turned up 10am Tuesday morning to our local store, and were greeted by a cheery lady by the front door as we walked into the shop which is always a good sign in my book.  We went and took our number from the machine and waited maybe 5-7 minutes for a lady to come and serve us. They had plenty of staff on, which was just as well as there were loads of people waiting but the staff were very helpful and chatty with the kids. It was very sweet hearing the kids who are starting this September telling the ladies all about their new schools.

Old hands like Miss L were more concerned with what size their feet had gone to over the holidays – a whopping 3G from a 2G in June when I last had them checked.  Because her feet are quite wide, we often only have one pair that will fit but this year there were three pairs to choose from. She made her choice which I was quite pleased with, it’s a nice shoe and similar to last year’s which lasted the whole year (first time ever!) and £32 which isn’t too bad for kids school shoes especially if they last like the last pair did. Here’s hoping for no growth spurts for a few months!  Thanks Clarks for the nice shopping experience and the new shoes.

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  1. You can’t beat good old Clarks. I remember forcing my mum to buy me some black teenage mutant ninja turtle school shoes from there…and just a couple of years later I was insistent on getting some princess shoes (I forget the name) but there was some kind of key that you insert into the lock on the sole.

    Clarks is not just a shop… it’s and experience 😉 I always remember getting my school shoes.
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