{July 2012}

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, we’ve been hanging out at home and enjoying visiting with friends and family and not really doing too much.  But I have managed to take a few photos of our travels and days out. I’m really hoping the weather picks up this weekend so we can head to the beach for a few hours, it’ll be heavenly!

PS what do you think to the new look on the blog?  I’m still toying with making it a magazine layout, but I’m undecided. I’ll be interested to hear what you all think. ta! x

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  1. Well, I love the tree, it’s lovely. Now, will the leaves/flowers change colors as the seasons change? 😉

    1. It’s not really a tree, it’s a buddliea or ‘butterfly bush’. They come in all sorts of colours purple, dark red, white and they will grow anywhere. The only downside of them is that they can grow really quickly (3ft a year) and can go as tall as 10 – 15ft high. Our neighbour’s one is at least 20ft though it’s massive, which is why it looks like a tree 🙂
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      1. I meant the decorative pink one on the side banner, not the actual photo. 🙂 Which is why I was wondering if you were going to change its colors to match the seasons. 😉

        1. *palmface* oh that one!! Forgot it was there LOL! No it just took my fancy, I’m terrible with images if they are shiny and pretty I want to use them 🙂 xx
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  2. Summer is for enjoying being outside and spending time with family, not blogging, so no apologies, missy!
    As for the blog layout, I love it. Magazine style blogs tend to put me off if I’m honest. I like being able to just scroll down to read rather than having to press button upon button to get to each post. Possibly moreso as I tend to read blogs from my iphone these days too!
    So… have you ever designed anything for squarespace…? 😉
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    1. Thanks Marylin! I just get blogger guilt when I leave it for weeks on end.

      Also thanks for the input about the blog, I need to do something with my old posts but not sure how best to get them ‘out there’. Maybe I need to make a more obvious category section??

      I’ve not done squarespace, but I’m always willing to give something a bash and learn something new 🙂 xx
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  3. I’ve fallen in love with PicMonkey and have oodles of photos to post up as collages this week.I can never take a decent photo of my kids jumping on a trampoline, something to perfect by the end of the holidays.I love your shrub Liz. and the new look 🙂
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