{Review} Not on the High Street

A few weeks ago now the PR for Not on the High Street contacted me asking if I’d like a £50 voucher to use on their site for anything I wanted – how cool is that? So feeling a little bit like a kid in a candy store I trawled their website. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Not on the High Street, it’s a little like Etsy. Lots of small businesses sell their goods through them, so there is lots and lots of choice of everything from home goods to cute baby presents and it’s all pretty much hand made and very individual.

I’ve always really liked the goods on the site that are personalised, so I went for a Betsy Benn Personalised Destination Print. It looks like the old routemaster bus destination blind. I had it made up with all the places we love and that mean something to our family.   I put the order in and had the PDF proof of what I wanted within a couple of hours and it was delivered 48 hours later.

It’s not a standard size so I had to send it to my local framers but I think that Ikea might do a frame which would fit it but I’m nowhere near one so that idea was out.


But I really, really love it and I’ve put it in the lounge above Paul’s chair so I can see it from the sofa. It makes me smile everytime I see it.  Thank you Not on the High Street!






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  1. You are so lucky! I am so in love with NOTHS. I have stopped ‘casually’ leaving the catalogue around before birthdays etc. and instead started saying to H, “It’s Mother’s day soon. I have left the Not on the High Street catalogue in the sitting room. Why don’t you buy something from there?”

    It doesn’t work… 😉

  2. Oh! Nice craft right there. Haven’t checked the site for a while now. And I want to say thanks for reminding. Ha ha! 🙂

  3. absolutely love love love NOTHS although living in ROI im sometimes limited to what I can buy depending on whether the company in question will send to ROI. Fortunately I have a friend in UK whose address I use for UK only delivery but it would be fab if all shipped to ROI. Its not that far!!! How did you go about getting the 50???

  4. Hello, I am also an avid fan of Betsy Benn & Ikea is a mere spot in the distant horizon from Cornwall! We have ‘The Range’ in Truro which has some fantastic picture frames and there are also treasures to be found in charity shops!

    Amanda x

  5. We are new sellers on Not On The Highstreet. They are brilliant to work with. So it seems to work really well for both buyers and sellers.

    Thank you NOTH, Robin (Great Little Crate Company)