{July 2012}

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, we’ve been hanging out at home and enjoying visiting with friends and family and not really doing too much.  But I have managed to take a few photos of our travels and days out. I’m really hoping the weather picks up this weekend so we can head to the beach for a few hours, it’ll be heavenly!

PS what do you think to the new look on the blog?  I’m still toying with making it a magazine layout, but I’m undecided. I’ll be interested to hear what you all think. ta! x

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{Tots 100 Homebase Makeover} The Final Results

I thought this was the project that was going to go on forever. Whatever could have gone wrong – well it did!

The window and the massive crack – that crack isn’t filling no matter how much filler I throw at it.  Then some more plaster fell off around the window and made me realise that the view of the outside was much bigger than I realised.  I’m going to need some help from Paul with this one I think it’s a bit beyond my basic DIY skills.

The headboard I ordered from eBay to finish off the room – oh yeah it arrived broken!

I followed the instructions for painting perfect lines, which were brilliant I have to say.  I never would have thought of  doing it that way. But I used Frogtape on old walls which did give a perfect line… but pulled the 4 coats of paint underneath it off!  So I had to start again, the lines are now semi perfect.

By the end of last week I could have cried, so I had a large glass of wine to cheer myself up.  When I pulled myself together and remembered that our best friends are sleeping in there this coming weekend with their kids, and I couldn’t just sulk and leave it.  I cracked on…..

I emailed the eBay company about the broken headboard and the guy was fantastic.  Didn’t quibble it at all and sent me a new one out which arrived today and the courier too back the broken one – phew!.  And then with some more work over the weekend, I finished painting the walls and I have to say it does look nice with a fresh coat of paint on the room.

The crack behind the window – hidden it behind the curtains for now!

So here’s the ‘Before’

And here’s the after:

The room isn’t 100% finished The headboard is waiting to be fitted as it’s got to be secured to the wall. So that’s got to wait until Friday when Paul can play with power tools. But I really love it, it’s going to look great.

The lovely bluebird picture was drawn by my incredibly talented friend Emma on her iPAD! She’s just amazing, it needs to go in a better frame, but it can live in that one for the moment. It makes me happy whenever I see it.

The Details

Cable Management 

You know how all the lifestyle magazines etc say how to keep electronics out of the bedroom – yeah that’s not happening at our house. We have a TV in the room, and all the gumpf that comes with that.  We both have mobile phones we need to charge overnight let alone toothbrushes, hairdryers etc that all needed somewhere to live. For a house of geekery we had done a terrible job of sorting out the power in our room.

So when I did my Homebase run, I bought a 8 ‘gang’ extension cable with individual on/off switches so I can have things plugged in for connivence but turned off to save energy.  I think it’s one of the best things I’ve bought in ages – I love it!

I also bought off eBay a phone charger stand for each our phones which can sit on our bedside tables rather than being across the room plugged into the mess of cables.


I’ve been meaning to put some photos in our room for ages. I had a massive Ikea picture on the wall behind the TV that’s been there since we moves in. So I took it out – I couldn’t see it anyway – and put one there is a now more appropriate and in proportion with the TV in front of it.


I used Laura Ashley emulsion in Duck Egg Blue for the feature wall and Ivory on the rest of it.  Thankyou Homebase for the challenge – I’m now going to collapse in a big heap 🙂



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Floral Gifts

Miss L broke up last week from school and she always likes to take a posy of flowers from our garden into her teachers every year (I send in wine, they’ve most certainly earnt it!).  Here are some of what we’ve taken in over the years  2008 2009 2010

This year was a little different the rain had rotted most of the roses and peonies on the bushes so there wasn’t as much to use as in previous years.  So Miss L added some Nasturtium’s that she’s been growing in her little raised bed – they have gone mad so it was good to use some up.  But I think they worked really well with the white and yellow roses she used for her teaching assistant’s present.

And then for her teacher’s flowers we went with what was left of the pink roses and peonies. It was so pretty and I put a bottle of pink Prosecco in with them.

Hopefully next year they’ll be less rain and I’ll have some more flowers to use *everything crossed*

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{Review} Not on the High Street

A few weeks ago now the PR for Not on the High Street contacted me asking if I’d like a £50 voucher to use on their site for anything I wanted – how cool is that? So feeling a little bit like a kid in a candy store I trawled their website. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Not on the High Street, it’s a little like Etsy. Lots of small businesses sell their goods through them, so there is lots and lots of choice of everything from home goods to cute baby presents and it’s all pretty much hand made and very individual.

I’ve always really liked the goods on the site that are personalised, so I went for a Betsy Benn Personalised Destination Print. It looks like the old routemaster bus destination blind. I had it made up with all the places we love and that mean something to our family.   I put the order in and had the PDF proof of what I wanted within a couple of hours and it was delivered 48 hours later.

It’s not a standard size so I had to send it to my local framers but I think that Ikea might do a frame which would fit it but I’m nowhere near one so that idea was out.


But I really, really love it and I’ve put it in the lounge above Paul’s chair so I can see it from the sofa. It makes me smile everytime I see it.  Thank you Not on the High Street!






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Summer Holiday Panic

For some reason the fact that Miss L finishes school for the summer this coming Friday had missed me entirely! In my head we’re still in mid June – oops!


I had a minor panic at the weekend and realised I’d better start planning for the next 8 weeks. I’m very lucky in that I can just stop working for the the holidays, and spend the time with my girl.  But with the weather being so unpredictable I’m going to have to have some backup plans rather than just popping to the beach or going to the park like we usually would.

So I’ve ordered a load of art supplies, a scrap book, some spelling books because she needs some extra help with that.  She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to book a couple of horse riding lessons as a surprise because she’s never done it and has always wanted to.  I’ve emailed her friend’s parent’s for play dates and some sleepovers, as sadly where we live is on a main road and there’s nowhere to go and meet other kids to play.  I really wish we lived on an estate or a quiet cul de sac it would make life so much easier and give her more freedom.

The other thing she’s discovered she likes is photography, so I’m going to try and get out to a few places and do some ‘photowalks’ with her where we can wander round and take photos at will without having to rush anywhere.

I’ve spotted some days out and I’m going to try and visit:

Kentwell Hall

Museum of East Anglia Life

Fitzwilliam Museum

I’m also going to download Frugal and Fun: Enjoying the school holidays the frugal way to my Kindle, as I’m sure it has some great ideas if Jen’s guest post the other day is anything to go by.

Have any of you bookedmarked any good blogs or sites for holiday ideas?  I’d love hear about them if you have?


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