{Tots 100 Home Club} Starting the Bedroom Makeover

This month’s Tots 100 Home Club –  Homebase makeover challenge, is about making your bedroom luxe.  Most parents end up with a room which has a bed in it and a bunch of other stuff just lying about – yeah that’s us!  The last time our room was decorated was nearly nine years ago, when I was the exhausted mother of an 8 month old baby who slept for 2 hours a day. The paint job really isn’t the best!  So as you can imagine this is quite exciting for me, I’m looking forward to reclaiming our room and making it more grown up.

After a morning spent fanny about, I got distracted by paint charts, adding images to my Pinterest ‘Bedroom’ Board and going through ideas on Houzz.  Then it was deciding which Homebase to go to. The guy in one one of my local ones thinks I’m a shoplifter, after the amount of time I spent looking at storage for the last challenge. So I chose to go to the one with the nice staff, who don’t mind me taking an hour looking at the paint – which I did again today.

When I finally got home with my sample pots, it was time to start the to the boring bit of preparing our room.  Originally I was going to strip the walls of the horrid lining paper that’s been there forever and just paint onto the walls underneath….

Or so I thought!

I learnt today, if you have 80 year old plaster on the walls and you peel off old wallpaper – the plaster will come with it. Eeek!  Thankfully I’ve only done a couple of small areas so I can fix it but I think that in hindsight it can be left there and I’ll fix what’s needed! Otherwise this is going to take a lot longer than the three days I’ve allowed for it.

The other thing that’s become apparent from the stripping back of the wallpaper is that our windows were really badly installed and the previous owners had put the lining paper up to hide it *sigh*.  It explains why I’ve been able to hear traffic noise and it’s freezing in our room in the winter – mystery solved.

So this isn’t going to be the straightforward job I thought it would be, I’m going to need expanding foam and a lot of pollyfilla stat, before I can start thinking of how I want to decorate it. I hate doing the boring parts, I want to get some colour on the walls…off to look at Houzz again 😉

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  1. We’re just starting decorating too, but we’re doing the bathroom and the kitchen. We’ve been in our flat for 4 years and our landlord has finally given us permission to decorate. We’ve been like kids in a sweet shop and I too have spent hours on pintrest (that site should come with a health warning).

    I feel your pain about 80year wallpaper, ours isnt that old but we have the dreaded lining paper on the walls too, as well as some *delightful* woodchip wallpaper.

    Looking forward to seeing the results! x
    Little Mans Mum´s last Post ..Day 175/366 (23/6)My Profile

  2. Hmm, it would be interesting to see how you repair the crack! We have big one in the bedroom. Somebody repaired it for me when I moved in, but now it is there again. Something on the list after the bathroom is ready 😉
    I am looking forward to your posts about the challenge.
    Take care,
    Marianne´s last Post ..{Link Love}My Profile

  3. I think it is a general rule of home improvement that whenever you remove a layer of something, you will find something awful underneath! I really want to redecorate our bathroom but am constrained by the demands of small children, the lumbering-ness of pregnancy, and also the fact that damp in there (now sorted out, thank goodness) has made the paint crack and peel. Whenever I think about starting to tackle it, all I can imagine is it coming off in big clumps, and me having to chip off all the emulsion paint in the room in order to start again.
    I think, in this context, spending time on pinterest looking at lovely bathroom inspiration, is a very sensible way forward.

  4. Ah yes, stripping wallpaper is always a nervous moment isn’t it? I took some off the chimney breast in our bedroom and was dreading it being like yours. Thank god it just peeled off with very little damage.
    Have had the same on windows, we live in a Victorian house and I’ve gone round all the windows in the house now re-doing the sealant and trying to fill the gaps. Makes a real difference to the temperature in the winter!
    The Fool´s last Post ..What I learned on paternity leaveMy Profile

  5. I hate the preparation too and found loads of cracks after taking down the wallpaper in our lounge, in all honesty all walls need re-plastering but I didn’t have the budget for it so I painted over in a light colour and cross my fingers!
    You’ve inspired me to finish the girl’s room now which has been hanging around unfinished for months *sigh*
    Mari´s last Post ..Ben and Holly’s Little Castle Magical Playset reviewMy Profile

  6. I too am all for the ‘finish’, where walls change colours. Hate the prep work. I’ve learnt over the years that woodchip was put up for one reason only – and that is to hide a multitude of sins. If you take it off, the wall will fall down!