{Tots 100 Home Club} Cupboard Makeover After

After a lot of work last week, I have finally finished my cupboard makeover – hurray!  Many thanks to the Tots100 Home club in association with Homebase for the challenge because otherwise this poor cupboard would have looked like this forever.


Initially I was going to re-shelve it and get mouldings and do all sorts of fancies. But then I remembered that the last time we drilled into the walls. The 80 year plaster crumbled and there was lots of trying to patch it up (and swearing!). So I quickly ditched that idea and decided to work with what I already had.  Which turned out to be just as well!  Oh my word, it look literally all week to re-paint the cupboard, shelves and the doors and throw out all the stuff I didn’t really need!.

So what did I buy with my £100?

Laura Ashley waterbased eggshell paint in duck egg and cotton white

3 weave baskets

3 Plastic Boxes – my nail polish kit needed a new home!

3 Square Fabric Boxes

1 Cream Lid Kilner Jar

3 Stainless Steel plant holders – which I didn’t use in the end but might for the next challenge.

1 Cut Glass Knob

It turned out looking at the cupboard it probably hadn’t been touched inside since about 1940, the gloss was proper yellow which you get with great age and the wall soaked up the eggshell and I had to do three coats to get it even.   I used eggshell as it’s harder wearing than emulsion and I didn’t want the walls to get scratched when I’m putting things in and out.  But I was amazed at the difference painting the orange pine shelves and the doors white again made. The really opened out the cupboard and suddenly it looked much less grim, a really quick easy change.

The hardest part was sorting out my hoarding, I have so much stuff that needs to be car booted. I just need to find a Sunday now when it’s not raining! So I have created a pile of stuff to go and I used my new storage to re-arrange the cupboard.  I was really limited by the depth of the wardrobe (27 inches) so I had to be careful when I was buying the boxes so they’d fit.


Once I’ve decided where to hang the unused Sid Dickens Tiles then I’ll have a lot more space.  But they are really fragile (made from plaster of paris)  so they do need to be out of the way while I sort out a spare wall.  I’m really pleased with the square fabric boxes and how they have worked on the floor space. I can get the blow up bed in there and now actually shut the door, whereas before it’d be ajar because of the bed.  But most imporantly my nail kit and sharpies are all in one place and I can find them now when I need them – hurray!!.




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    1. Oh I’ll have to do a post about the wedding dress box then 😉 So lovely to be actually able to open the cupboard without everything falling on me!

    1. Thank you! It’s really nice to be able to just get my nail polishes without having to hunt for them – love it!