Jubilee Half Term

We had an amazingly chilled half term week, just hung out around the house and tried not to do to much. Visited family and friends and generally relaxed – something we’d really not had a chance to do for a while.

I decorated some fairy cakes for Miss L’s school party on the Friday before the Jubilee weekend. I ran out of white so made some very interesting Union Jacks on the cakes *cough they looked like crap*.  But she loved them and thought they were great, which is all that really mattered in the end 🙂

On the Monday we went to our local country fair which Miss L loved, there were lots of stalls to buy cakes and shinies so she was a very happy girl.  Briefly I was the town’s female Welly Wangling champion until my record was beaten and it was the most ridiculous fun I’d had in ages!.

Annoyingly halfway round Hipstamatic crashed on my phone and when I re-started it I didn’t realised it’d changed film and lens and so I merry snapped away in black and white – just the way you want to remember a bright colourful day! *palmface*

What did you all get up to last week? Street parties or just chilling with your families? Hope you all had a great week!

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