{Tots 100 Home Club} Starting the Bedroom Makeover

This month’s Tots 100 Home Club –  Homebase makeover challenge, is about making your bedroom luxe.  Most parents end up with a room which has a bed in it and a bunch of other stuff just lying about – yeah that’s us!  The last time our room was decorated was nearly nine years ago, when I was the exhausted mother of an 8 month old baby who slept for 2 hours a day. The paint job really isn’t the best!  So as you can imagine this is quite exciting for me, I’m looking forward to reclaiming our room and making it more grown up.

After a morning spent fanny about, I got distracted by paint charts, adding images to my Pinterest ‘Bedroom’ Board and going through ideas on Houzz.  Then it was deciding which Homebase to go to. The guy in one one of my local ones thinks I’m a shoplifter, after the amount of time I spent looking at storage for the last challenge. So I chose to go to the one with the nice staff, who don’t mind me taking an hour looking at the paint – which I did again today.

When I finally got home with my sample pots, it was time to start the to the boring bit of preparing our room.  Originally I was going to strip the walls of the horrid lining paper that’s been there forever and just paint onto the walls underneath….

Or so I thought!

I learnt today, if you have 80 year old plaster on the walls and you peel off old wallpaper – the plaster will come with it. Eeek!  Thankfully I’ve only done a couple of small areas so I can fix it but I think that in hindsight it can be left there and I’ll fix what’s needed! Otherwise this is going to take a lot longer than the three days I’ve allowed for it.

The other thing that’s become apparent from the stripping back of the wallpaper is that our windows were really badly installed and the previous owners had put the lining paper up to hide it *sigh*.  It explains why I’ve been able to hear traffic noise and it’s freezing in our room in the winter – mystery solved.

So this isn’t going to be the straightforward job I thought it would be, I’m going to need expanding foam and a lot of pollyfilla stat, before I can start thinking of how I want to decorate it. I hate doing the boring parts, I want to get some colour on the walls…off to look at Houzz again 😉

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Bye Bye Baby Books

The time has finally come to finally part with Miss L’s baby books.  Much loved and chewed titles like ‘That’s not my Kitty’, adventures of the Tweenies and Angelina Ballerina were just sitting there taking up space and getting more dusty.  It only feels like moments ago I was reading them to a baby in a cot and a toddler on my knee.

But their time has past and she is now onto Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. So tearfully I boxed them up last night (under Miss L’s supervision) into a pile for ‘her future babies’ to be put into the loft; and a pile for one of her little friends and her even littler sister so they can now enjoy them. I’m very proud of my girl for being so generous and choosing books, she especially thought her small friends would enjoy.

Even though I know it was time to put them away, I’ll miss them… it was like the final part of her babyhood being put away.  And I found it much, much harder than I thought I would.

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{Guest Post} Frugal and Fun – Plant Pots

Today I’ve got a guest post from my friends who are starting up a new blog Frugal and Fun which I thought some of you might like? This seemed like a great idea for a project in the summer holidays so over to the gang!

Hi everyone, it is Jen from The Mad House, A Thrifty Mum and Frugal and Fun

Terracotta Plants Pots
Emulsion paint (we got some tester pots, as we only have cream in the house)
White acrylics paint
Pencil with eraser in the end.


Paint each of the plant pots and allow to dry, some may need a second coat, but this is pretty fast work.

We chose to just pop white acrylic as spots all over the pots, this way the boys could do it themselves and they really enjoyed it. By using the end of a pencil with an eraser on it was pretty simple. Now if we had more time I would have let the boys decorate each pot as they.

Again leave to dry, then cover with a layer of varnish.

We made sure that we painted the top of the inside of the pots too.

Then we added a primula in to each, et voila. Oh and it cost all of 30p for the pots, 59p each for the plants and a little paint and time.

Like this craft?  Then my not register to follow us on Frugal and Fun.  We are going to be releasing an e-book full of frugal ideas to keep you and your children happy over the summer holidays.

Do you love or loath the summer holidays?

I am in the love camp, but I do remember the time when my boys were both smaller that I dreaded them and the thought of six weeks (or more) straight with them sent me in to a tailspin.

This year you need worry no more, as we have an e-book on the way out which will show you frugal and fun ways to get through the summer holiday.

It begins with a week of preparation activities to help you get ready for the weeks ahead. The e-book will contain a recipe, an indoor activity and an outdoor activity each day within themed weeks. These activities are suitable for 3-10 years olds.

Themes include:

    • The Olympics
    • The Great Outdoors
    • Around the World
    • Heroes and Heroines
    • Home Sweet Home
    • Colours

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{Tots 100 Home Club} Cupboard Makeover After

After a lot of work last week, I have finally finished my cupboard makeover – hurray!  Many thanks to the Tots100 Home club in association with Homebase for the challenge because otherwise this poor cupboard would have looked like this forever.


Initially I was going to re-shelve it and get mouldings and do all sorts of fancies. But then I remembered that the last time we drilled into the walls. The 80 year plaster crumbled and there was lots of trying to patch it up (and swearing!). So I quickly ditched that idea and decided to work with what I already had.  Which turned out to be just as well!  Oh my word, it look literally all week to re-paint the cupboard, shelves and the doors and throw out all the stuff I didn’t really need!.

So what did I buy with my £100?

Laura Ashley waterbased eggshell paint in duck egg and cotton white

3 weave baskets

3 Plastic Boxes – my nail polish kit needed a new home!

3 Square Fabric Boxes

1 Cream Lid Kilner Jar

3 Stainless Steel plant holders – which I didn’t use in the end but might for the next challenge.

1 Cut Glass Knob

It turned out looking at the cupboard it probably hadn’t been touched inside since about 1940, the gloss was proper yellow which you get with great age and the wall soaked up the eggshell and I had to do three coats to get it even.   I used eggshell as it’s harder wearing than emulsion and I didn’t want the walls to get scratched when I’m putting things in and out.  But I was amazed at the difference painting the orange pine shelves and the doors white again made. The really opened out the cupboard and suddenly it looked much less grim, a really quick easy change.

The hardest part was sorting out my hoarding, I have so much stuff that needs to be car booted. I just need to find a Sunday now when it’s not raining! So I have created a pile of stuff to go and I used my new storage to re-arrange the cupboard.  I was really limited by the depth of the wardrobe (27 inches) so I had to be careful when I was buying the boxes so they’d fit.


Once I’ve decided where to hang the unused Sid Dickens Tiles then I’ll have a lot more space.  But they are really fragile (made from plaster of paris)  so they do need to be out of the way while I sort out a spare wall.  I’m really pleased with the square fabric boxes and how they have worked on the floor space. I can get the blow up bed in there and now actually shut the door, whereas before it’d be ajar because of the bed.  But most imporantly my nail kit and sharpies are all in one place and I can find them now when I need them – hurray!!.




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Jubilee Half Term

We had an amazingly chilled half term week, just hung out around the house and tried not to do to much. Visited family and friends and generally relaxed – something we’d really not had a chance to do for a while.

I decorated some fairy cakes for Miss L’s school party on the Friday before the Jubilee weekend. I ran out of white so made some very interesting Union Jacks on the cakes *cough they looked like crap*.  But she loved them and thought they were great, which is all that really mattered in the end 🙂

On the Monday we went to our local country fair which Miss L loved, there were lots of stalls to buy cakes and shinies so she was a very happy girl.  Briefly I was the town’s female Welly Wangling champion until my record was beaten and it was the most ridiculous fun I’d had in ages!.

Annoyingly halfway round Hipstamatic crashed on my phone and when I re-started it I didn’t realised it’d changed film and lens and so I merry snapped away in black and white – just the way you want to remember a bright colourful day! *palmface*

What did you all get up to last week? Street parties or just chilling with your families? Hope you all had a great week!

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