Long time, no post..

Sorry I’ve been away so long, I had a lot going on and just felt in need of a little blog break and it just went on longer than I expected.  Sometimes it’s hard to write about things when you’re in the middle of them.

It kicked off a few weeks ago when I started developing food allergies which I’ve never had before. At first it was just a reaction to some chilli pasta I’d eaten. I got a hilarious looking trout pout and I thought it was a one off thing down to scoffing some scotch bonnet chilli’s which I’d never eaten before. Then two weeks later the inside of my mouth swelled up when I had a chocolate biscuit – seriously how can I of all people be allergic to chocolate biscuits??  I should have been dead years ago if that were the case!  Then last week I started getting hives when I eat anything egg heavy like scrambled eggs or eggs benedict..

It’s made me paranoid about literally everything I eat and drink and I’m finding going out for dinner virtually impossible.  At the back of my mind always is if something that I’ve eaten thousands of  times like a plain chocolate biscuit can make me swell up, then what else can and how bad will it be next time it happens? It’s making me really, really miserable and paranoid. I am a woman love loves her food, it’s driving me batty and I’ve only had it a few weeks!. Those brave souls who have lived with it 24/7 since they were kids have my utmost admiration, it’s really, really hard living with it – I’m driving my family mad.

I have an appointment at the allergy clinic in July to find out what my trigger are/could be and in the meantime I have to carry antihistamines and steroids around with me in case it happens again. So far they’ve come in pretty useful, I’m very much looking forward to knowing what my triggers are and then I can eat in peace.

On the brighter side though, I was made up to find out that Violet Posy had made it through to The Mads (Mum and Dad Blogging Awards) in the Home category – you can vote for me here if you have time http://www.the-mads.com/vote.htm but pop over and have a look there are some great bloggers nominated over there and lots I’d never come across before.

Also last week we went over to Vancouver for the week as a family and had the best time, so I’ll be writing about that this week too – I have a million photos to share – just going through them now.

Thanks so much for sticking with me, it’s really appreciated!





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  1. Hey bird, sorry you are still suffering with your mystery food allergy – it sucks big time 🙁 Hopefully you will get an answer as to what your allergy is (or even it better it will stop as suddenly as it started) and you can go back to enjoying food x

  2. I am sorry to hear about your allergies! That sucks big time! Especially because you don’t know yet what triggers them. I always wondered why a person can eat something for years and then suddenly, bam, it causes problems. I hope you will find out what the triggers are and are able to eat in peace again.
    Take care,
    Marianne´s last Post ..{Today I ♡}My Profile

  3. Hi, Just wanted to send you a ((hug)) Both my husband and I are long time egg allergy suffers and I can completely appreciate how frustrating it can be dodging foods that you thought would be ok only to find they aren’t. My husband has been allergic since childhood while mine came on after a bad dose of antibiotics in adulthood. The worse part is not knowing what the trigger is, but once you work that out then you can begin the process of reworking out how to cook and bake with substitutes. If it is egg that is your trigger…please feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to tell you about how you can still bake without eggs.

    Hope you get the mystery solved soon.
    Sew Create It – Jane´s last Post ..112 in 2012 (#12)My Profile

    1. Thank you so much Jane, that’s really appreciated! Like you say the worse part is not knowing, but I’m hoping to find out soon what’s causing it. And will most certainly be in contact if it is egg as that’s going to be quite difficult to do I think? Thank you xx
      Liz´s last Post ..TenMy Profile

  4. Hope the appointment in July goes well, sweety. Well, as much as an allergy appointment can go… I wonder, did it start with the warmer weather? Maybe the pollen count could have triggered it?
    Glad you’re still aboot, and that you had a good time in Vancouver! I’ve got relatives over there, but I’ve never been. I will go one day, though… one day! 🙂
    Marylin´s last Post ..Sometimes autism is just plain HARD.My Profile