Spare Corner?

I love this picture from Ikea and how they have used this little glass cabinet.  I wouldn’t have thought of mixing in the pink with the blue and white but it really works. It’d look lovely in a conservatory, dining room or even a hallway to brighten up a room.

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Raised Beds Update

So they’ve been in a while now, seen all that rain and lots of sunshine this last couple of weeks and it’s all growing well.  I’m so pleased with how they are progressing – here’s how they looked before.  I’ve not really done much to them other than water them every other day in the heat we’ve had and pulled the odd weed out. They’ve been pretty low maintenance.

The only thing that’s failed really are the peas and I planted them too close to the broad beans and they went mad so that’s my own fault.  But I’m quite pleased with how the rest of it is going, I’m looking forward to trying the spinach and carrots – yum!.

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A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to be in Vancouver. We went for a job interview for other half with the hope of moving there. Sadly it all fell through at the last minute but we still had a good time – hard not to in such a beautiful city!.

I was fortunate enough to go and meet up with my friend Tia who I met at the top of Grouse Mountain when were there four years ago. We became Facebook friends and it was so awesome to go and actually hang out in person.  I’d also like to give a massive thanks to Erin over at Mummy and the Monkey who gave me such wonderful and advice about moving to Vancouver with a kid, she was amazing answering all my daft questions 🙂

As going out there was all a bit last minute, I managed to find a cheap hotel/flight deal on Expedia which was probably the best deal I’ve ever managed to score.  It was flying out on Air Canada and staying at the Four Seasons Hotel – we’d never stayed somewhere so fancy before so I was super excited!  The flight over was actually very good, we normally fly over with Thomas Cook or Air Transat which are a bit sardine can like – but are dead cheap so what else can you expect?  But there was a lot more leg room and far more comfy seats on Air Canada, so I’d use them again if I got the chance.


All the pictures above were from the The Four Seasons. It was AMAZING I have never, ever slept on such a comfortable bed – I have a bad back and I’ve not been able to sleep on my back for years and in this I could.  In fact I’m so obsessed with it, I’ve been trying to find who’d made it. It turns out they are made especially for the Four Seasons and you can call them and buy one from them directly.  So it’s now on my bucket list of things to save up for – just lush!.

The hotel was very child friendly which made Miss L’s (and my) trip. There was a child size dressing gown there for her, some cookies and juice were waiting for her in the room as well as some macaroons which she also loved.  She’d taken her favourite teddy with her, and one day we came back to find the beds made and the teddy had been given it’s own sleeping bag and pillow to match her bed linen – just a lovely touch from the hotel.

The other staff around the hotel were also really great. I’d especially like to thank Wanda in the Yew restaurant who made sure that I didn’t have any food I could be allergic too and made a real effort for me. She was really wonderful and made me feel safe eating, which was so kind during such a stressful week.

Vancouver is a beautiful city, as you’d expect there are mountains, but there are also numerous parks and beaches scattered across the city. It’s an amazingly child friendly place, there are kids water parks all over that kids can play in and just cool off. Open beaches to paddle in the sea and make sand castles, and play equipment that if you live in the UK you’d never ever see – they are all about kids being adventurous!

 As you can see from the pictures we had some wonderful weather, played on the beaches and up in the mountains there was still loads of snow which was just bizzare!  But we did see some very cute Grizzly Bears asleep, apparently I can’t keep one according to Paul (pah! ;)) – but they were so gorgeous!

I really wish things had worked out differently and it was going to be our new home, but you don’t always get what you want and I guess everything happens for a reason. Maybe one day!

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{Sponsored Post} Mr Kipling Competition

What’s your favourite Mr Kipling cake? (mine’s without question Battenburg – yum!)
Are you an Angel Slice lover or is the classic Cherry Bakewell what floats your boat. Mr Kipling is putting this question to the nation with the launch of the new Kipling Cup competition.
Simply vote for your favourite Mr Kipling cake as it goes head to head with other Mr Kipling favourites. There is still time to vote with a quarter final, semi -final and grand final where the winning cake will be crowned.
After the first round of votes the classic Cherry Bakewell was leading the race with 4,898 votes, with the Viennese Whirl coming up a close second with 4,406 votes. Regionally it seems Londoners are mainly Cherry Bakewell fans while cake lovers in Edinburgh are all about the Bramley Apple.
So what’s your favourite? Get voting at or get your friends involved and you could win four packs of your favourite Mr Kipling or if your cake wins a round you could win a year’s supply of cake – now that would be something to get exceedingly excited about.
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The Tots 100 Home Club with Homebase

Tots 100 Home Club Parent Blogger

Just before I went off on holiday, I was thrilled to be asked to be a founder member of the Tots 100 Home Club in Association with Homebase. I’m in some good blogger company with the ever creative thrifty Jen who blogs at Mum in the Madhouse, Karen who has the gorgeous The White Approach (shhh don’t tell her that I want her blog!), Heather who an incredibly beautiful home and blog over at Growing Spaces and my good friend Kelly at Domestic Goddesque.

Our first challenge from Homebase has been to create a Storage Solution, they’ve given us £100 worth of vouchers and we are to go off and create a storage solution in our homes. Sounds like fun!

Now my first thought was to tackle Miss L’s room *AGAIN* and then I thought I’ve done her room to death and frankly it’s like painting the Sydney Bridge, you do it and then you have to start again a few months later. So this time I am spoiling me! Oh yes I am going to have my own space, Miss L has her room, Paul has his office and I am going to have my own cupboard!

In our bedroom, there is a built in 1930’s cupboard it’s not wide enough to hang anything (1930’s folk obviously didn’t have a lot and folded it all) so it has become the ugly junk cupboard you can throw stuff in, shut the doors and forget it all. So I’ve decided it’s going to be my little space house my paperwork, to-do stuff, magazine’s I want to stash and maybe some design books?. I don’t have the DIY skills to make it into a desk, but I think I can still make it into a useful space.

Here are the before pictures – the outside which is surrounded with stuff!

And the inside which is filled with stuff!

As you can see I’m a bit limited by the depth of the cupboard, but it’s a large dead space and it’s really not being used to it’s best advantage. So I’m hoping to paint it, and get some nice storage in there. I’ll post the after pictures when it’s done.

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Long time, no post..

Sorry I’ve been away so long, I had a lot going on and just felt in need of a little blog break and it just went on longer than I expected.  Sometimes it’s hard to write about things when you’re in the middle of them.

It kicked off a few weeks ago when I started developing food allergies which I’ve never had before. At first it was just a reaction to some chilli pasta I’d eaten. I got a hilarious looking trout pout and I thought it was a one off thing down to scoffing some scotch bonnet chilli’s which I’d never eaten before. Then two weeks later the inside of my mouth swelled up when I had a chocolate biscuit – seriously how can I of all people be allergic to chocolate biscuits??  I should have been dead years ago if that were the case!  Then last week I started getting hives when I eat anything egg heavy like scrambled eggs or eggs benedict..

It’s made me paranoid about literally everything I eat and drink and I’m finding going out for dinner virtually impossible.  At the back of my mind always is if something that I’ve eaten thousands of  times like a plain chocolate biscuit can make me swell up, then what else can and how bad will it be next time it happens? It’s making me really, really miserable and paranoid. I am a woman love loves her food, it’s driving me batty and I’ve only had it a few weeks!. Those brave souls who have lived with it 24/7 since they were kids have my utmost admiration, it’s really, really hard living with it – I’m driving my family mad.

I have an appointment at the allergy clinic in July to find out what my trigger are/could be and in the meantime I have to carry antihistamines and steroids around with me in case it happens again. So far they’ve come in pretty useful, I’m very much looking forward to knowing what my triggers are and then I can eat in peace.

On the brighter side though, I was made up to find out that Violet Posy had made it through to The Mads (Mum and Dad Blogging Awards) in the Home category – you can vote for me here if you have time but pop over and have a look there are some great bloggers nominated over there and lots I’d never come across before.

Also last week we went over to Vancouver for the week as a family and had the best time, so I’ll be writing about that this week too – I have a million photos to share – just going through them now.

Thanks so much for sticking with me, it’s really appreciated!





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