Sometimes I forget..

Where I live, we have a 928 year old cathedral, the current building was started in 1083.  Because it’s such a fixture of our town and I go past it so often I don’t really forget it’s there but you stop appreciating it’s age and of all the buildings around it.  All the buildings around it are still used, people live and work in them they aren’t museum pieces but living breathing buildings, which does make you forget they are so old.

Yesterday I was standing in the high street, waiting for the family to come out of a shop and I noticed this little plaque which I’d never noticed before.  It was on the wall next to archway that leads to the back of the Cathedral. I always think of that bit as being fairly modern, there are shops and small houses in it, but it turns out not so much.

Is there anything really old in your town, that you’ve never noticed before?

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9 thoughts on “Sometimes I forget..

  • Debs

    Wow ! I know I say age is just a number ……………but wow that is a old! How nice it’s still being used & enjoyed . I am going to have to look locally & see what I can spot from a by gonw age .

    I went to Highclere castle today, that’s not only still a family house, but preserving history, and famous today , for Downton Abbey .

    • Liz

      Oh I bet Highclere is beautiful – did you take photos? Look forward to seeing what you spot locally as it’s my old stomping ground 🙂

  • Aly

    Last year I took my kids around all the old buildings in our and pointed out all the plaques that describe what the building used to be or used for.We ended up going to the local heritage museum to see what else we could find out.The kids came away that day with a lot more knowledge about where they live and it was free.

    • Liz

      That’s brilliant! Ours is a small charge but it’s next to nothing – good thinking I must take L there next week. Thanks for the idea Aly x

  • teresa

    I love the spirit that old buildings bring to a town….and in Europe it is the best….if a building is old in my area it is usually from 1856 or something=) young compared to your town.
    Thanks for sharing

  • mum of all trades

    That is very old indeed. As you say we quite often don’t give to much thought to the ancient things around us. My friends from the USA are always in awe when they come to Ireland and see how old stuff is. I’m like oh yeah that old thing!

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