{The Mads 2012} Thankyou

MAD Blog Awards 2012 I just popped over to The Mads (Mum and Dad Blog Awards) to see if I’d been nominated for anything and I had such a lovely surprise I’m really chuffed!  Violet Posy has been nominated for Most Innovative, Most Helpful Blogger, Best Home Blog and the big one Best Blog of the Year!

I really can’t thank all of you who nominated my blog enough. I hadn’t really publicised The Mads on here much because I’ve been fortunate enough to nominated the last couple of years and I’ve not really blogged that much this year – work, life and everything in between has kind of gotten in the way.  So this is extra special to me. Even if I don’t get to the finals it doesn’t matter, the fact that people liked Violet Posy enough to nominate it is enough for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

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Sometimes I forget..

Where I live, we have a 928 year old cathedral, the current building was started in 1083.  Because it’s such a fixture of our town and I go past it so often I don’t really forget it’s there but you stop appreciating it’s age and of all the buildings around it.  All the buildings around it are still used, people live and work in them they aren’t museum pieces but living breathing buildings, which does make you forget they are so old.

Yesterday I was standing in the high street, waiting for the family to come out of a shop and I noticed this little plaque which I’d never noticed before.  It was on the wall next to archway that leads to the back of the Cathedral. I always think of that bit as being fairly modern, there are shops and small houses in it, but it turns out not so much.

Is there anything really old in your town, that you’ve never noticed before?

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{Review} Mini Build a Bears

As most of you know Miss L has a ‘Build a Bear’ addiction, she saves her pocket money so she can buy fabric to make them pretty outfits and they have the best made beds of any bears in the country.  So when Build a Bear’s PR asked me to review their new range of mini bears I couldn’t really say no (she can read my emails now!).

The new bears are much smaller version of their larger brothers and sisters and available in normal toy shops for £5.99. The bears come with a little top and some stickers to customise them and our little bear has now had a little outfit made for him.  Also if your kids play Bearville there is an online code which you can use on there too.

It puts them at the same price point as a Club Penguin Puffle, and cheaper than a Club Penguin Penguin which is £7.99 at our local supermarket. So in my mind they make a great quickly sourced birthday present for L’s friends or for a Christmas stocking stuffer.  It also means that L can buy her own bears from her pocket money rather than having to save up £20 for the larger bears which takes her a long while. Off to help make some cute outfits for this little one!


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This Easter was a real washout grey, mizzling and generally freezing.  So my parents who throw Miss L an Easter Egg hunt every year decided to do it indoors this time.  And you know what it was fantastic, Mum decorated the house with egg trees, and while Miss L  had a good old hunt round the house for chocolate, my Dad and Paul did the BBQ from the comfort of garage with a glass of wine – win/win!

Thanks Mum and Dad for such a wonderful day xxx


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