{Blog Tips} Creating Blog Headers on PicMonkey

Here is my new and shiny updated version of this post. Picnik is now sadly dead but PicMonkey has taken it’s place is my heart so here’s how to make headers on PicMonkey instead.  Sadly they haven’t gotten collages up and working yet, but when they do I’ll add how to make a collage header on here.

But in the meantime here’s how to make a simple blog header on PicMonkey.  Here are some of the looks you can achieve:

Basic with Text

Add a Filter

Add a Frame

The main thing you need to know when you’re creating your header is the size it needs to be. If you make it too big or too small it will just not look right.  So if you’re on Blogger to check your width, go into where you load the header in design and it will tell you how wide you need it to be . With regard to height I’d personally not go any higher than maybe 300-350px high or it takes up the top part of your screen and then you’re readers will have to scroll a lot to see your posts  If you are on WordPress, consult your custom header upload area and it’ll tell you how big you need to make it.

So here’s how:

You have the choice of either making it with one photo or many so here is the one photo option:

1. Go to PicMonkey and upload a photo that’s nice and big (you don’t need to create an account)

2. Once it’s uploaded – click on the Crop button and crop the image so it’s wide and a little narrow (using drag):

Then when you have the bit of the photo you want to use click on ‘ok’ and then it takes you back to the menu screen.  Click then on ‘Resize’

3. You’ll need to resize the image to the correct size.  So at the bottom left of the page there is a box called ‘Resize’ which has the sizes in, you’ll need to change the numbers in it. I’ve made this one to be 980px wide and clicked the ‘Keep Proportions’ so the height pretty much takes care of itself. Click on ‘ok’ when you think it looks right. Remember you can always go back and re crop the image if you don’t think it looks right.

4.  Adding text to the image – Click on the ‘P’ tab which will bring up text and then you can add the text in the colour & font you wish to the image. You can move it around and even add your tag line as well if you have one.

You can also add boarders, shapes, image filters all sorts via that left hand bar.

5. Finally click on the ‘Save’ tab bottom left, make sure the image is the right size, and make sure it’s the right quality 8 is normally ok.  And save it back to your machine – you can decide where, then you can upload it to your blog in the normal way.

You can make badges in the same way.   With images I normally crop it into a square 400px x 400px (big enough so you can see what you’re doing)  and then in the final save I make a few 125px x 125px, 160px x 160px, 180px x 180px and 200px x 200px.  Obviously if you know what size your side bar can take then you can make it that size.

Happy Header Making!

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  1. Ooooh thank you for this!I have been wondering how fellow bloggers had such stunning headers ! You are ruddy marvellous!

  2. Oh, and I DO have a techie question for you: I have just installed Intense Debate for comments on my blog. After much faffing and to-ing and fro-ing (and following instructions) it appears to be working.
    But – and it is a big but – all my past comments in Blogger have DISAPPEARED *sob*, despite ticking all the correct boxes and ‘doing as I was told’ to ensure this would not happen.

    So, any ideas a) whether these can be recovered, and b) how to go about it?

    Sorry, but you did offer to answer questions!

    LCM x

    1. No worries – you’ll notice I don’t use either Intense Debate or Disqus mainly because they are such a pain in the ass for doing stuff like you’ve described. But I’ve just had a Google and there is maybe a way of getting them back. Read this http://bit.ly/18ou4 and go down to ‘Import Existing Comments from Blogger’ and follow those instructions and they should come back. If they don’t contact Intense Debate and they’ll be able to help you xx

      1. Liz you are a gem.

        Are you married? I am solvent and looking for a new techie partner. Fun and games guaranteed although I cannot promise well-behaved children.
        (OH has been dispatched to the dog house).

        Luv ya!

        LCM x

  3. This is brilliant Liz, I didn’t know about Piknic, shall go and have a play.

    Wanted to add that you can also use GIMP instead of photoshop and it’s free. I love it but it does take a bit of getting used to – like photoshop I guess.

    Thank you for this!

  4. Thanks for this LIz – I have done something similar using Picasa recently 🙂 I have created my blog header and cropped an avatar from that too – I like the continuity of all my headers/avatars matching.

  5. Really usesful post. The design on my blog leaves a lot to be desired, I just don’t have the time to play around with it. Will check out Picnik

  6. You make it so simple – and use real words – so that the technically challenged (like me) are not reaching for the dictionary every other word. Thanks for this – you are a gem.

  7. This is great Liz, you really are a sweetie sharing the knowledge!!! Thanks and thanks for the lovely job you did on designing my header on the blog! Mwah!

  8. Thank you so much for this post i’ve been wondering for ages how to do this! on picnik how do you do the collage thing you were talking about i just want a banner for my blog with two pictures on it with some writing in the middle and i cant see how to upload more than one at a time

    Thanks so much!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this info – really helpful. I must have spent about 3 hours tinkering with my header when I set up my blog, using a combination of Paint & Powerpoint! Will definitely give Picnik a go as it sounds much easier!

  10. Oh that was so easy and I love it! (have a quick look if you have the time) I can now change it according to the season or time of year. So exciting. I am so glad you decided to do these posts. Thank you so much.

  11. Hi Thanks for this, I have now made a banner but now need to work out if I can add it too my blog, I am using blog.co.uk and can;t work out if I can do it!

    1. Hi Emma,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’ve not come across blog.co.uk at all before so I have no idea. If there is a FAQ or a help area that should be able to help you out or drop their support an email I’m sure they’ll be able to help you. Good Luck! Cheers Liz

  12. Gosh you’ve been driving me round the bend! I made a splendid (I think) header after seeing your post back in early July. Now I have created a blog for my son and could I remember your blog name? Could I heck! I posted a “Help me” (http://ahumdrumum.blogspot.com/2010/08/help-can-you-remember-who-showed-us-how.html) and London City Mum (http://londoncitymum.blogspot.com) reminded me! THANK YOU!!! -HMx
    humdrum mum´s last Post ..The Gallery – PlaytimeMy Profile

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Found you via Older Single Mum on twitter and am in the midst of going self hosting and this is SO helpful and SO clear!!

    Sarah x