Starting the Veggie Patch

Sorry I was so quiet last week, I had a stinking cold and was feeling quite sorry for myself.  But this weekend I’ve been feeling much better, so we got a start on making the raised beds for our new veggie patch.

We actually dug it last year, but never got round to well…. putting any dirt in it!  So it was nicely overgrown when Paul started digging it out for me yesterday afternoon.  If I can grow veg there like I can thistles then we are going to be doing brilliantly!  I don’t even know what those tall alien looking weeds are??

Paul dug like a trooper an cleared the area in about an hour, while Miss L, Betty and I all helped from the sidelines – made tea, hot cross buns and heckled. While my lovely man was digging, Betty and I made the mistake of sitting on the ancient garden bench at the same time and went through the seat! Totally killed by our combined weigh – oops!!

But the results were worth the effort (and seat trashing!) and I can’t wait to plant them up, raspberries and strawberries are going in one this week, and I need to think about what’s going in the other one – maybe some peas, spinach and carrots?.

I’ll take some more photos when we have some greenery in there to show you, how they are getting on.


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  1. Oh, I did great two years ago and then last year was a bit of a disaster. Lots of weeds to clear some day soon before starting with good intentions and resolve for this summer!
    I find runner beans are great – really easy and look lovely when they are trailing.

  2. We don’t have a veg garden. Though H. does grow some in his mother’s back yard. The patatoes and salade is very yummy! It is nice to see the garden come to life again. Spring is around the corner 😉
    Take care,
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