Kids Room – All Change!

The merry go round of motherhood is kicking off again, Miss L is about to turn 9 (where did my baby go?) and is getting all grown up. This of course means the room I thought was pretty sorted four years ago now has to accomodate a new range of activities – why did no one tell me!

Now we are having sleepovers, tons of homework, endless school paperwork, playing musical instruments, using the computer for everything, larger clothes that really don’t fit into those baby drawers anymore and to cap it off she would rather like a TV for her ninth birthday in 2 weeks.  Luckily we don’t have anything to connect to the TV aerial wise, so I’m just going to connect up and old DVD player so she can only watch DVD’s on it.

The bigger problem is the homework, she’s currently doing it on her bed whilst leaning on a book.  Stationery seems to be all over the place and more often than not something is missing.  Sharpies and Scissors spring to mind, we must have 20 Sharpies and 10 pairs of scissors, can I ever find them…!   So it’s really not ideal and needs resolving.

I have no idea where I’m going to put it all though. She has two power sockets in her room, and they are in the most awkward places either side of the room – thanks’s 1930’s people!  So I need to get creative and move her room around again….*palmface*

Rather than physically move all her furniture around  – because that isn’t going to make me massively popular with Paul. I’ve decided to do it virtually on a floor plan.  Pottery Barn Kids in the US have a very handy room planner site here. Obviously I don’t have Pottery Barn funiture – more’s the pity! But a single bed, wardrobe, drawers etc are all pretty standard sizes so it’s not too hard to imagine what you have and plot it.

This isn’t exact there is an old fireplace next to the cupboard which juts out a bit, and the cupboard is built into the wall next to it.  The cupboard is only a foot or so deep, so not big enough for clothes storage but I could maybe make into a cupboard desk, with storage for school work and computers?  At the moment it’s not terribly accessible because of the wardrobe and the toy chest next to it. Which is another reason to shift it all round.

So these are my options:

So I’ve ditched the unused toy chest to get some more space, and moved the bed in front of the window.  But I’m not a massive fan of this one as it means the head of the bed will be in front of the radiator and the TV won’t have any power near it – but this is the easiest by far!

I think this is my favourite, the TV would have power,  she could get to the desk in the cupboard, the chair is in the window for reading and Cello playing but I don’t know if I could get the guest z-bed in there for a sleepover?

This is the one that involves the most work, including some work on the ceiling where it’s cracked above the bed and moving all the cubbies and bookshelves.  We’d easily be able to get the guest z-bed in there for sleepovers, but it’d make getting into the cupboard desk harder.

So I think I’m going to run Layout Two with Miss L and see how she feels about it?  But that was much easier than moving furniture around the room for hours :)




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