{Ikea} Ektorp Sofa Advice Please

We are looking for some new sofa’s, our current ones are 7 years old now and looking pretty worn.  The springs have gone in several places despite being replaced repeatedly over the years and the feather pads are now flat as a pancakes.  The whole thing is getting more uncomfortable by the day, so I guess it’s time to think about something new.

Our current sofas have washable covers, a godsend if you have a child/dog/red wine habit.  I think while Miss L is still smallish and as the dog sleeps on the sofa it’s probably best to get new sofas with washable covers too.

I’ve looked at DFS –  they don’t have washable covered sofa’s,  SofaWorkshop – the last ones were from there and I wouldn’t buy from there again and Sofa.com – are just too expensive.  I’ve not seen any other’s I like/are in the right price range – cheap!.

Which leaves Ikea, I know I’ve blogged about it before but I really like the look of the Ektorp.  I especially like the fact you can buy extra covers while you’re washing the other set or replace them if something catastrophic happens.

This model is only £399 and a new cover in the same colour is £190:

Which means I won’t have to scream at people if they eat/colour/bounce/chuck red wine/generally live on it.  If we had one which was £1500, you know I would be doing that  ALL time! 🙂

But are they any good long term?  Do any of you have them?  Are the covers really washable?   Can you think of anywhere else I could get a washable sofa from? Any advice at all?


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28 thoughts on “{Ikea} Ektorp Sofa Advice Please

  • Mama Syder

    Our corner sofa is Ikea and it has been fantastic…the best one we have had. We got ours second hand, it was 12mths old and in like new condition. We are are big, boisterous family and the sofa takes a lot of knocks, spillages and jumps. The covers can be removed and washed which is fab. When we go to buy a new one we have already said we will only buy Ikea again.

    • Liz

      That’s so brilliant to know I was worried that they would just collapse like our current ones have. Thanks so much for helping.

      • dave

        We bought an Ektorp 3 months ago as we have one that is 8 years old and still going strong. However our new 2+2 started to squash after a month. We exchanged one cushion as a faulty item and 3 weeks later it has started to collapse again. Ikea have offered an exchange or credit under their change your mind policy but this entails a delivery charge of $195 to return it to IkeaAlthough they have already exchanged one cushion as faulty they will not accept that both sofas are faulty. Not good customer care Beware

  • kath B

    We’ve had an Ektorp for over 12 years and the frame is still going strong. We’ve replaced the feather cushions with foam ones and we’re just about to move onto our 3rd removable cover. The first one was dark blue and didn’t wash well, the second cream and washed brilliantly, but we’ve have stained it. Ikea don’t make a 2 seater sofa bed Ektorp any more (the one we have) so we’ve had to order a replacement cover from bemz.com who make covers for all Ikea sofas (including discontinued ones)

    • Liz

      12 years wow!! That’s fantastic, it seems like they really do last a longtime and I’ll check out Bemz for replacement covers. Thanks Kath!

  • RosMadeMe

    I have the two and three seater Ektorps and bought two sets of covers for them which I change every six months or so. I love them… they have lasted well and I try and remember to swap the seat cushions around every month (no, it doesn’t always happen but it does sound organised LOL).

    They are a comfy sofa to sit on and it is worth keeping an eye on e-bay where you may find cheaper covers 🙂

    • Liz

      LOL! I never remember to change cushions around, in fact it never occurred to me – which might explain a lot! Glad it’s comfortable and lasting well 🙂

    • Liz

      Oh I wish we could have leather, but the dogs paws would trash it 🙁 But eight years is bloody good for a sofa, ours first went after about 2 years.

  • hetty

    I have a sofa from dfs in pale blue, the covers are washable and come up a treat…the cushions etc aren’t top quality though (not feather ones)..but when I bought it I got a 3 seater sofa with 2 sets of washable covers for around £300..so I can’t complain! The price has gone up now though but there is always a sale somewhere down the line – the model is *amore*.

  • Heather @ new house, new home, new life

    My DIL and son have this sofa (in white!!) – they bought it when their oldest child was born 10+ years ago – it has seen two boys, a dog, many relatives sleeping on it, food, wine, pizza and lego throughout the years and it still is very comfortable and firm. I sleep on it every time I go there and love it.

    • Liz

      10 years! That is pretty impressive and in white too! Not sure I’m that brave year round, but I do fancy white ones for the summer 🙂

  • Marianne

    We have the Ektorp corner sofa in beige (no longer for sale). We both love it. There are two things. I too swap the cushions on a regular basis as we both always sit on the same spot. Now in winter the cushion feel a bit cold when you first sit down (we keep the room temperatuur at about 20 degrees C) We have had it for about 3 years now. I haven’t washed the covers so far. But I am considering washing the covers for the cushions in the spring.

    • Liz

      That’s really good, and it sounds like it’s well worth moving the cushions around. It’s brilliant you’ve not needed to even wash the covers for 3 years, I seem to do ours every other week LOL!. Thanks Marianne x

  • teresa

    I have a couple in white and I love them- works good for our family- not sure how they would do with children….white that is =)
    This morning I just took the covers off and washed them- never wash in hot water only cool…..they will shrink =)
    Love IKEA

    • Liz

      LOL! I’m not sure if I’m brave enough for white year round, maybe just in the summer? That said I am the queen of the bleach wash so maybe that would be ok? Good to know thought thanks Teresa x

  • Pants With Names

    So pleased you’ve had this blog post.. we really need a new sofa, the Ektorp has caught my eye, for all the same reasons as you, and I was wanting to know more about it. Sounds good huh?

    Just one thing – you said dog paws would trash leather sofa covers. Our dog lives on the sofa (although she isn’t allowed…) and I was hoping to get leather. In what way are their paws going to trash it? Just the dirt or nails?

    • Liz

      Cheap and washable and now everyone is saying it’s fab, is just too good to be true! I need to pop over to Ikea and have a test sit I think 🙂

      We have a leather armchair that is Paul’s pride and joy but Betty’s nails have scratched the hell out of it when she’s jumped up for kisses/cuddles/food. It’s gotten to the point I’ve had to ban her from going anywhere near it, and I’ve covered the worst with shoe polish!. But you can still see the grooves in the leather, Paul is very, very pissed off about it. I just couldn’t take the stress if it were the sofa’s as well.

  • Debs

    Must be the season for new sofa’s we are all getting them, we have gone for a huge corner unit, makes sense now just the two of us ( mostly) lol
    Mine was ordered before xmas to arrive some time in January got a call xmas eve 8am , would be half an hour, yep home alone with a sofa and armchair to get out the back, as new huge corner sofa in 3 parts came in the front…. kitchen trolley ( on wheels) no longer crashed …yep forward and broke everything from a smootie maker to china dishes….. and we didnt even get to sit on sofa till after xmas….
    hope you find the one you love…don’t worry about pets kids and especially red wine stains, they are show you are a sociable person xxx

  • Jen

    We’ve had this sofa for years, and changed the covers periodically when the decor changed.
    Only got rid of it when we treated ourselves to leather! Big treat.
    It must do well for Ikea to have stocked it for all these years.

  • Sam

    That is my exact same sofa in grey too. It’s great – I have 1 toddler, 2 step children under 11 and 2 dogs and it has been in the washer. Can’t fault it.


  • Ayesha

    Love the look of the Ektorp too but recently stumbled across a website called MADE.com which has some lovely looking sofa’s for really reasonable prices. Just found your site and loving it, good luck with your search xxx

  • Adriana

    Hi Liz! I have to say, we bought a modular sofa from DFS which is brilliant! We moved a few times in a few yrs and this was perfect because it fits everywhere! Sofa me I’m converted! :o) Sorry too irresistable!

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