Snow Fun

Yesterday was gorgeous here, lots of snow, nowhere to go so lots of fun to be had in the snow, followed by lots and lots of hot chocolate!.  Brilliant day, shame today we actually had to venture out into it.



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  1. Lovely pics! And the hot chocolate at the end of the day sounds devine! I’m still in a kind of shock after hubby revealed the snowman he made with our daughter yesterday was his first ever!

  2. Wow! Looks like fun in the snow. It has only snowed once here which is completely odd. It’s been rather warm in the 30 and 40’s. Usually we are knee deep in snow with freezing temps
    Global warming is at it I suppose.
    Hopefully you venture out will be fun:)
    Be safe

    1. Yes you don’t have any, which is really odd. Ours is fairly standard, but as usual our country is incapable of dealing with it! I went to the car park this morning and it hadn’t been cleared or gritted – just amazing!. But we are having fun in it 🙂 xx