Flowery Bedding

I’ve just been to Primark for the first time! Yeah I know I’m so 5 years ago, but we didn’t have one in Cambridge for ages and then they put it in the part of town that I never go to.  So I’d missed the whole Primark experience. But today I was in the right part of town on my own, so I could shop in peace and quiet without anyone nagging me about some toy spotted 5 shops back – heaven!

So I had a wander round and none of the clothes really grabbed me, but there were plenty of nice woolly hats and scarves. And then I came to the homeware department on the top floor and there was a sale on….oh my!

Flowery bedding, single bedsheets, flowery union jack pillows, all sorts of goodness. For boys there was some really cool red bedding with white stars – just gorgeous!

So I went a little bit mad with bedding for Miss L’s room but in my defence it was too cheap and pretty to resist 🙂


The white embroidered duvet cover & pillowcase was £12, the flowery duvet & pillowcase was £9, bottom sheets fitted £3.50 and the Union Jack Cushion £7, so I spent £35 which isn’t terrible for a kids room. All of these also come in Double and King Size if you’d like to spoil yourself or pretty up a guest room….they have matching flowery towels…I can never go back!

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  1. Liz can’t believe you have only just experienced Primarni lol! Best thing about those prices is we get to change our minds without feeling guilty !

    I am a junk Jewel fanatic , can’t beat the beads & bangles !

  2. I never go to Primark as it means a car trip to the local town and I never go. In fact I have only been once since Pregnant with Mini nearly 6 years ago, but seen as he is having a London Themed room I might have to visit