The Tragic Bird Accident

**Don’t read ahead if your squeamish**

I’m so mortified by this, but I had to share it as a public service announcement for birds.

So as you know Miss L *loves* to feed the birds in the garden, we’ve got feeders all over the place, all types seed, nuts and fat ball ones – you name it we have it. Last week we stocked up with bird food and filled all the feeders up. One of the fat ball feeders, I moved closer to the house onto our rose bush so we could see the birds feeding from the kitchen window.

All good…or so I thought!

Tuesday morning, I’m standing in the kitchen filling the dishwasher and I look out and see a sparrow with his back to me on the feeder. I think ‘Aww look he’s enjoying those fatballs’. Think nothing more of it…..

Fast forward an hour later I go to make a cup of coffee…the sparrow is still on the feeder in the same place he was an hour before… this point something doesn’t seem to be right with this picture.

So I go outside and the sparrow doesn’t fly off or well even move.

I realise something really horrible has happened….in a Final Destination way the sparrow has put his head through the bars of the feeder and the fat ball had falled on his head, trapped him and he’s gotten stuck and died. OMG! I was in tears, I felt so awful that this had happened, our kindness had killed a poor innocent bird.

Thankfully it was before Miss L came home from school, so I disposed of the body, took the feeder down and put the food on the floor to feed the birds.

Here’s a picture of the feeder, before I throw it away.20120113-162832.jpg

It was the type that had large gaps,ย  in future I’ll only buy the ones that have tiny squares in them so that way they can’t get their heads in. I don’t know if this was a common accident or if this was some weird freakish one off? But I’m never buying on of these again!



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  1. Well you never see that on SpringWatch! Glad your LO did not see it… we have lots of sparrows here, I love watching them as they are a cheeky little bunch ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I used to be in the YOC when I was at school. Can’t remember what it stands for exactly but i know it was to do with birls. Should get Miss L signed up! Poor little sparrow

  3. oh no how awful! i have the same bird feeder, i only put one ball in though as they just eat and eat until its empty, i now just replace it less often. i sometimes hang the balls on nails that were left high up on a wall. poor bird, dont blame urself, i never thought something like that could happen

  4. That is so unfortunate. I am sure that you, feeding all other birds had already justified the death of the little poor sparrow. Good thing Miss L wasn’t able to witnessed it.

  5. Wow, that’s… really terrible and sad. =( I didn’t even know that that was a thing that happened. Still, good choice taking the feeder down… I know you say that you’re just going to put the food on the ground, but are you at the very least considering getting/making another one with a different design?

    1. Yes I’ve replaced it with hanging coconuts and pine cones with the suet in them. Someone has recommended me a different type which has smaller holes so I’ll get that next time I’m at the garden centre.