Replacing Google Friend Connect

Google in their infinite wisdom are getting rid of Google Friend Connect for non blogger blogs (if your blog is hosted on Blogger you’re ok!), as of March 1, 2012.  This means if your blog is on WordPress, Typepad or something else readers will no longer be able to read your blog through Friend Connect.  So how to replace it?

I’ve created a few ways for Friend Connect people to carry on reading Violet Posy should they want to read my ramblings 🙂


There’s the RSS Feed – If they click on that and add that to their feed reader it will replace the feed that currently comes through ‘Friend Connect’ – really handy for those already reading through GReader.


Look over in the sidebar in the tabbed area – it’s under ‘Subscribe’.  I’ve found this to be increasingly popular, you don’t need an RSS Reader, you just get new posts straight to your inbox.

I personally use Feedburner to send out the emails, but I noticed that on the new WordPress Jetpack there is an email subscribe widget that you just drag into the sidebar and you are good to go- dead simple!


My Facebook page is great (sorry that sounds a bit wrong!) but it’s easy to just pop a post over there (either manually or via automation via Networked Blogs below), have a chat with readers, – I put all my posts over there too.  Loads of people now read blogs through Facebook – why not have everything in one place? I’ve been using to read posts and share with my friends.  There’s a handy ‘How to create a Fan Page‘ here at Mashable.  The only thing I’d say is if you are trying to remain anonymous, create a ‘blog’ facebook account to link it too or it will link into your profile and it’s really hard to keep them separate.

Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs – I’ve just added that one if you use it. It’s a bit like GReader in that you have an account and you subscribe to blogs through it. But it also does some nifty things with Facebook automation – have a play!.


BlogLovin – This is a new one to me, but also a newsfeeder service, but seems to be popping up all over the place so I’ve added it as people are obviously using it.


I’ve created a page for VioletPosy and I’ve yet to remember to actually update it – I think I need to find something that automatically does it for me. Someone must have written a plugin for it, so I need to hunt about for one. If I find one I’ll let you all know.

That’s all I’ve found at the moment, have any of you found anything interesting to replace Friend Connect?  I’ll be interested to hear about it if you have.




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  1. I am following you via facebook now. thanks for clearing this up. I thought google was getting rid of gfc for everyone 🙂