Mulled Wine SOS

You know how I couldn’t make Yorkshire Puddings well it seems I can’t make Mulled Wine either. Normally I just buy a bottle of it from the supermarket, but this year I thought I’d make some for when guests come and to warm us up (any excuse!).  I had this really happy memory from years ago, a friend had made some from scratch and it was gorgeous. I’d been promising Paul that it was utterly fantastic and he should try it, as he’d never really had it.

Last Friday night, I grabbed a bottle of red wine, some mulled wine sachets, sugar and followed the instructions….and it was HORRIBLE!! I ruined a lovely bottle of innocent wine and made the worst drink ever!. So lovely readers, do you have a fool proof mulled wine recipe?  I want to wow my poor husband into forgiving me for ruining a bottle of red, not to mention actually have some nice mulled wine.  Thank you!!


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  1. I’m sorry, but couldn’t help laughing at this! Haven’t used those sachets in years (I just get my Swedish mulled wine from IKEA instead) so can’t remember what they’re like, but could it have been the wine you used? It has to be fairly non-descipt/ tasteless so it doesn’t clash with the flavours of the sachet.
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  2. Sorry, I cheat like you! Lol, this year however, I am going to cheat in style. I am getting some bottled mulled wine, add cinnamon sticks and put it in my slow cooker so it LOOKS like I’ve done the homemade version….

  3. A bottle of red wine, about 1/3rd of a bottle of water and a 1/3rd of a bottle of orange juice. Heat slowly, DO NOT BOIL with some cinnamon sticks or mulled wine sachets. Don’t add any sugar. This is how we like it anyway!

  4. I made some last night for our street carol singing at it was lovely. I did it in the slow cooker for a couple of hours to enable us to go out and leave it and have it ready when we came in, but you can do it quickly in a saucepan too.

    1 bottle red wine
    juice of 2 oranges
    one sliced orange
    one sliced lemon
    2 cinnamon sticks
    1/4 nutmeg freshly grated
    15 whole cloves
    honey 2tbsp (30ml)

    Heat gently (do not boil) when ready to serve add 2tbsp brandy and strain through a muslin
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  5. i like kath b’s recipe – lil if you make it post the results!!! im not allowed any until the weekend as im fending off another bl**dy cold!

  6. Delia’s recipe is brilliant, so straightforward. I pimp it a bit with a dash of Port. Also, VERY IMPORTANT: do not boil. It makes the spice taste bitter and burns off all the alcohol. Just warm it gently. Good luck. If it goes wrong again, pour a glass of Prosecco and add a dash of Campari. Tis the best.