Decking the Halls

I can’t believe it’s Thursday, where did the week go?  I’ve been finishing off a new blog for a customer and when that’s done I am finished for the holidays yay!!

We put the tree up at the weekend, well Miss L did most of it but she’s fantastic at decorating trees and then she did the hallway as well, so now it’s feeling properly snugly and Christmassy here 🙂

This morning, inspired by the fabulous post by Bye Bye Birdie over on Thrifty Christmas I decided I get my Christmas Wreath done.  I kind of cheated and bought a blank Christmas Tree wreath from the market this morning. Then I broke the glue gun, ribbon, cinnamon sticks and some festive dried orange and made the wreath all pretty – took me about 10 minutes, and I think it turned out ok – well as no one wants to actually use the door knocker!

And to make the entrance perfect for the holidays, I’ve added my new doormat that I found in TK Maxx for a fiver yesterday – it’s soooo pretty! Not super festive but brightens up the hallway.  All I need to do now is get rid of all the post and paperwork that cluttering the hall table, but that’s a much bigger job, for another day!

How are your decorations coming along?


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  1. i havent started yet!! thats tomorrow….. i made a wreath like your one a few years ago with a ‘plastic’ base and its kept for years – i still use it, hopefully it will come out of storage okay! Im starting to get ready for christmas now and feeling a bit festive!! Christmas wine tasting tonight…. probably wont start decorating until saturday now i think about it!