Christmas Fair

I’ve just spent the morning with my friends Kat from 3 Bedroom Bungalow and Karen from Rubbish Diet at one of the local Christmas fairs.

We had the best time rummaging through stalls and singing ‘Last Christmas’ at the ‘pick and mix’  I’m feeling very festive now!  The stalls were amazing and I’ve bought some fantastic smelling pot pourri, I’ve got stuff in to make my own but I couldn’t resist – seriously look at that below! Kat bought some too which made me feel better 🙂

I loved these little Rudolph cupcakes, what a fantastic idea. They also had sparkly noses.

This sign made me laugh, I need one that says ‘Dog hair is a condiment’ 🙂

Oh and saw this soap which I didn’t buy but I had to take a photo of, it’s not every day you see Violet soap.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! x

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  1. Ooh we’d love some of that Violet soap. My daughter’s name is Violet so we love anything violet-scented or coloured! Love a good Christmas market : )