Christmas Present Pretties

I’m very much enjoying sitting down with a coffee and going through all the Christmas magazines looking at the decorations and wrapping ideas.  A couple of companies have really jumped out for me this year, one being Cox and Cox and the other Belle and Boo  I’ve never bought from Cox and Cox but they have the post adorable bits and pieces, so that might just change this year.  I especially love the ‘Noel’ wrapping tape which is £7.50 a roll which as you can see works brilliantly on really plain paper.  And being the font obsessive that I am the seasonal tags in plain red and white I think are lovely (£6.50 for 24 tags).

Carrying on with my tape fixation is Belle and Boo I love this kids tape and for 66 metres for £4.80 I’d say that was one hell of a bargain!

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  1. ive discovered them aswell – love cox & cox, a new discovery for me too 🙂 are you doing brown paper? ive been thinking about doing that!

    1. They have some lush stuff! I’m doing plain white paper and red this year – which looks amazing too and you can buy the paper dead cheap 🙂 x

  2. Hi there Liz 🙂 It is lovely to know that someone else is as crazy-in-love with Cox & Cox as I am. Their birdie window transfers are just too cute. Love the Noel tape, too! Fabulous.
    Love Lella xx

    1. Lella!! you bad woman I’ve just had a look and they are fantastic! They are now sitting in my basket waiting to be bought 🙂