{Review} Minted Christmas Cards

Sorry this is becoming bit of a reviews blog at the moment, but frankly not a lot else is going on unless you count endlessly hoovering up Betty hair – seriously how that dog isn’t bald I don’t know!. I’m also finishing off a few blog designs and working on Thrifty Christmas – who knew doing a post a day was such hard work? Thanks for all those generous bloggers who have come to my rescue!  I’m off to the new Hobby Craft in Cambridge on Saturday so hoping to find some inspiration there, I saw some little silver buckets on their website that I have an idea for…anyway back to my fabulous Christmas Cards!

For years my American friends (Patricia and Jen!)  have always send us the most amazing personalised cards. I’ve seen similar cards in Martha Stewart and other American magazine and I might have just a little bit lusted after having some of my own.  So imagine how much I squealed like a small child when Minted asked me if I wanted to try their cards this year.

I know it’s a bit sad, but I have a life long obsession with stationery and I’ve still not gotten anything that’s letterpressed so personalised Christmas cards are frankly the next best thing in my eyes.

So off I went to the Minted site with my $100 dollar voucher and trawled through both the Holiday Cards and the Christmas Cards (there is a difference!) I was there a while, like hours actually…seriously I was like a kid in a toyshop!  There are so many types of card you can choose from there are classics, moderns, vintage you name it. You can pop in a photo of the kids or family and see what each one looks like, I pretty much drove everyone in the house mad asking which ones we should have.

I finally chose a picture of Miss L wearing a red top, in a folded card. American’s it seems go for flat cards a lot – makes sense I guess if you are doing a lot of long distance posting, so had I gone for flat I could have gotten a lot more for my money.

I’ve ordered folded 25 cards, I’ve added nine photos on the inside and a plain ‘Happy Christmas’ message.  I could have added a ’round robin’ explanation about our year but nothing that interesting has happened, so I didn’t bother. But it’d be fantastic if you’ve had an eventful year or have a new baby or wedding to announce. I’ve also added a skinny sticker for the outside of the envelopes as these will be going to friends and family who live overseas – a lot of them will be going back to the US as well as Canada and New Zealand.

The whole order came to $93 (£58) so it is bit of a luxury item but not terrible as it works out at £2.28 a card.  I really wish I’d had them the year Miss L was born or two years ago when all my Aunts, Uncles, Paul’s Grandmother and my Nan were still alive, they would have really loved them.

Time wise I ordered them November 3rd from the US, I approved the proofs on the 4th and they estimated for delivery 11-14th November but were delivered TODAY the 10th November! And it looks like they were packed by a nice person called Pat – thanks Pat!


I am honestly and truly thrilled with them, they look fantastic and are of a nice thick paper quality, in fact I don’t really want to sent them now I want to hoard them forever, but as it says 2011 on it I might look a bit stupid 😉

If you are interested in getting your own Minted Cards you can get 15% off using this code READERS16 and that ends 28/11/11



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  1. I’m also completely obsessed with all things paper, but I don’t think it’s sad. Thick cardstock is lush!

    Your card turned out so cute! I’ve never used minted, will have to check them out. x
    Abby´s last Post ..ercol & bridgewaterMy Profile

  2. Oh these are lovely i adore cards and stationary and have rather a lot that I begrudgingly abut proudly part with every now and again!