Feed the Birds Day

Ok so this is a little embarrassing, the nice people at Nature’s Feast sent us a lovely bird feeder and some high energy bird food so we could take part in ‘Feed the Birds Day’ on Saturday.  Now we always take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch and due to all the trees in our garden we always spot loads of birds from wrens, sparrows, finches, to collar doves and once a green woodpecker.

So I thought it’d be a fun half term activity, we could do some bird watching from the dining room window, use the new camera and get some great shots in return the birds, if nothing else the sparrows who are living in our hedge would get a lovely feast. Normally it’d be covered in birds fighting over the food there as it’s one of their usual feeding spots….but this is what we got

Nothing, nada, not one bird appeared in an hour or whenever I popped my head round the dining room door which I thought was really odd, until I remembered who had been in the garden earlier this week eating a bird.   I’ve spotted him or her a couple of other times since further up the garden.

And then thinking about it I’ve not seen any other birds in the garden in the last couple of days, not our collar doves in the apple tree and the sparrows aren’t about either. So I think the sparrow hawk has scared them off, but when they come back there will be lots of nice food waiting for them!


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  1. Cool! He is looking at you like “yeah? you wanna piece of me? Bring it!” LOL
    Hope your birdies come back so you & Miss L can enjoy your bird watching 🙂
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