Half Term Fun At The Guinness Book of Records

Last week was the first week of our autumn half term and well it was more than a little bit manic!  I don’t think we have stopped all week, but it’s been lovely catching up with friends old and new.

We had a fantastic day out in London at the Headquarters of the Guinness Book of Records – how cool is that?  There were loads of bloggers there with their children and we had a fantastic fun packed day. Miss L had a great time making new friends and I have never seen a bunch of children so excited about being on a trip to an event.

The team there were brilliant and entertained us all for hours. I can’t thank them enough for what I think was the best blogging day out I’ve been on yet.  Miss L actually was allowed to try and break the Guinness World Record of stacking dice in 30 seconds.  She managed to equal it but didn’t break it, she’ll be practicing at home all the time now 🙂

The highlight of my day (because I am a small child at heart) was being given a lift back to the station on the world’s fastest sofa!  You have no idea how much fun it was and how many people laughed as they saw us go past, I was waving at everyone like an utter idiot but it was so much fun.

Thank you to the whole team for such a great day!



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  1. Hey ! I didn’t realise it was you ! I think we all should have had name badges with our blog names on – that would have made things better !!

    PS: We got lift back on the sofa too ! (Katie was mortified at all the people watching)

    1. Yeah the kids all had them, we should too 🙂 Glad you had a good time on the sofa too, there was a lot of people watching wasn’t there, I can see why she was mortified. L did tell me stop waving at everyone LOL!

  2. Well done to Miss L and that sofa rocks! What an experience. Blogging really brings some fun stuff doesn’t it! Look at you smiling!