{Review} Photobox Canvas

There is a photo I took on our holiday to Vancouver that I love.  It’s Miss L skipping down the beach on her own, with the city behind her.  It’s probably my favourite photo of her, I think it really captures her childhood.  So I was pleased when Photobox offered to let me have one of their Canvas Prints to review, because it was my chance to get that photo finally up on my wall where I can look at it all the time.

The Original Photo

The photo wasn’t brilliant as it was taken on my first gen iPhone in 2008, but with a bit of Photoshop magic I managed to get the res up from low to medium quality – that’ll do for me!  Normally if you have any sense you’ll just use a high quality image from a more modern camera rather than digging out something ancient.

The site was dead easy to use, sign up for an account – choose the product – upload an image you like – agree to it and then off to the checkout. It literally took 5 minutes to do.  My budge from Photoboxt was £40 and for that I managed to get a 30.5cm x 20.3cm Classic Canvas (no wrap) and a packet of 3M Command Strips to hang it, plus delivery for £38.98.  Which isn’t too bad for a really special photo if you’re getting it for home or as a present for someone.  I’m intrigued by the command strips, I’ve used them for fairy lights before but not for photos – will they hold it up and for how long?

Three days later my canvas and Command Strips arrived:

I think it’s really, really lovely and the fact it was taken on my iPhone kind of makes it look a bit like a watercolour which I like.  At the moment I’m toying with where to put it, bedroom or lounge? So it’s living on the sideboard until I can decide – but I can feel a new photo wall coming on!


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