Feed the Birds Day

Ok so this is a little embarrassing, the nice people at Nature’s Feast sent us a lovely bird feeder and some high energy bird food so we could take part in ‘Feed the Birds Day’ on Saturday.  Now we always take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch and due to all the trees in our garden we always spot loads of birds from wrens, sparrows, finches, to collar doves and once a green woodpecker.

So I thought it’d be a fun half term activity, we could do some bird watching from the dining room window, use the new camera and get some great shots in return the birds, if nothing else the sparrows who are living in our hedge would get a lovely feast. Normally it’d be covered in birds fighting over the food there as it’s one of their usual feeding spots….but this is what we got

Nothing, nada, not one bird appeared in an hour or whenever I popped my head round the dining room door which I thought was really odd, until I remembered who had been in the garden earlier this week eating a bird.   I’ve spotted him or her a couple of other times since further up the garden.

And then thinking about it I’ve not seen any other birds in the garden in the last couple of days, not our collar doves in the apple tree and the sparrows aren’t about either. So I think the sparrow hawk has scared them off, but when they come back there will be lots of nice food waiting for them!


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Half Term Fun At The Guinness Book of Records

Last week was the first week of our autumn half term and well it was more than a little bit manic!  I don’t think we have stopped all week, but it’s been lovely catching up with friends old and new.

We had a fantastic day out in London at the Headquarters of the Guinness Book of Records – how cool is that?  There were loads of bloggers there with their children and we had a fantastic fun packed day. Miss L had a great time making new friends and I have never seen a bunch of children so excited about being on a trip to an event.

The team there were brilliant and entertained us all for hours. I can’t thank them enough for what I think was the best blogging day out I’ve been on yet.  Miss L actually was allowed to try and break the Guinness World Record of stacking dice in 30 seconds.  She managed to equal it but didn’t break it, she’ll be practicing at home all the time now 🙂

The highlight of my day (because I am a small child at heart) was being given a lift back to the station on the world’s fastest sofa!  You have no idea how much fun it was and how many people laughed as they saw us go past, I was waving at everyone like an utter idiot but it was so much fun.

Thank you to the whole team for such a great day!



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Pumpkin Picking

We had a great time at the weekend pumpkin picking with Kat from 3 Bedroom Bungalow. I’m very lucky in that she doesn’t live far from me and we often meet up for coffee and a chat, but Saturday we got our families together and she took us all off to a field in the middle of nowhere to pick some Halloween goodness.

I swear I wouldn’t have found this place in a million years, so I was very impressed that she knew where it was!   Our girls loved it, ran around and had the best time picking the pumpkins they’ll be carving this week.  I’m sure they’ll be some better photos over on Kat’s blog as she sensibly took her big camera, I forgot mine and just had my trusty iPhone – doh!

But here’s Kat and Miss L checking out the pumpkins.

When the pumpkins were picked, and our poor husbands had lugged them to the cars we got doughnuts, hot chocolate and for me pumpkin pie (yay!) I’d like to thank Kat for suggesting the trip in the first place, we had the best time and look forward to doing it again next year! x


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Apple Fair 2011

Sorry this isn’t a post about the iPhone4s (wish is was!) it’s about the old fashioned apple.

Who knew there were this many types of apple?


My favourite festival in our little town is Apple Fair which is in October every year. Pretty much the whole town turns out and we celebrate Apples in all their forms – fruit, cider, juice and even better sauce in a Hog Roast!  Last year we missed it as Miss L was in hospital so it was extra special this year and we celebrated with toffee apples.

We had a beautiful warm sunny day for it too, which I think bought out more people than usual, so there was a large audience for the Elizabethan Music, Morris Dancers and Folk Bands, all of which were lots of fun to watch.  I think it’s fantastic that they all still exist and give their time for events like these.

I think these are the apples in our garden, but I’m not sure. I’m hoping that next year I’ll have some left so they can have a look at them and tell me what they are?  Ours are a little less yellow than these.

We loved these crochet fruit, Miss L treated herself to a crochet doughnut with her pocket money. She liked to use them to pop her needles in when she’s sewing.  She also enjoyed a go on the Apple Shy, didn’t win anything this year but came very close hitting it a few times.

The highlight of my day (apart from the hog roast) was the warmed Apple and Spiced Elderberry Cordial Juice from the Watergull Orchards stand. In fact I’ve managed to get through a bottle in a day, and having just looked up their website I’m really pleased to see they do a home delivery service. So if they don’t have it on their farmer’s market stand I can still get hold of it, hurray!  Lovely drink for cold winter days.



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Thrifty Christmas is Up and Running

Just a quickie as I have to get some work done but I’d like to thank you all for your lovely comments about Thrifty Christmas, it’s really appreciated!

I’ve now got the site up and running and you can find it here  http://thriftychristmas.violetposy.co.uk/  and I’ve done a Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thrifty-Christmas/164555316969379 and a Flickr Page too so you can share your photos http://www.flickr.com/groups/thriftychristmas/

The Linky is at the bottom of the page at the moment if you’re looking for it, and please let me know if you’d like to do a guest post – obviously I’ll be linking back to you and your blog. If you don’t have a blog, just email it to me with some photos 🙂  I’m so looking forward to this and seeing what everyone comes up with, thanks for helping me! x




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Thrifty Christmas is Coming…

Ok don’t shout at me! I know we are only in October so I’m doing a soft launch of this year’s ‘Thrifty Christmas’ now. That way it’ll give people time to make their gifts over the next couple of months.  In fairness I’ve not written or made anything yet, but I’ve also been hording tea cups, buying bulbs from the market and looking at crafty kits on Ebay. I’ve also been Pinning some ideas for inspiration on my Pinterest.

You can see my Christmas Board here.  Just let me know if you like a Pinterest invite in the comments and I’ll send you one.

This year it will be a little different as I’ll be giving Thrifty Christmas it’s own mini site (*cough* in theory. Blog in Blog is not being my friend at the moment!) or something!. So not only will there be a linky for people to link their posts to, I’m also looking for guest bloggers to share their crafty goodness too.  All ideas are well welcome – Presents, Decorating and Recipes just leave me a message on the blog or mail me liz@violetposy.co.uk

And for those without the time or who aren’t crafty there will also be posts about inexpensive interesting ready bought presents. So if you see something a little different and you think it’s cool let me know liz@violetposy.co.uk and I’ll put it on the site.

I’m hoping to get the site up in the next week or so, sorry for the delay! I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone’s ideas 🙂

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Etsy Girl Geekery

I’ve been inspired by Abby over at Little Red Buttons who has been making the most amazing Etsy Treasury’s.   So I’ve made one of girl geekery, there’s tech love there for everything from the iPad and iPhone to the Playbook and Blackberry – not to mention the slightly geeky River Song’s journal.

Personally I am desperate for the the Jane Austen book iPhone charger below – that has just shot to the top of my Christmas list!

Thanks Abby for the inspiration, pop over to her’s to see how to make your own Treasury and join her ‘Treasury Tuesday’s’.

UPDATED Macbook Air 11″…


Jane Austen’s Sense and …


Kindle 3 Case Felt and Leath…


iPhone Phone Cases STANDARD …


4GB Princess Leia USB Lego M…


Parudao Wood MacBook Teksure…


Clear iPad stand


iHeart my ipad 1 or 2 —–S…


Apple Love – Inspired by Ind…


Ipad Sleeve — Cute little …


PlayBook Sleeve You Choose F…


Ultimate Stash 15″ lapt…


River Song’s Tardis Jour…


USB Typewriter Computer Keyb…


iPhone 4 case / iPhone 3g ca…


Macbook pro decal mac decal …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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{Review} Photobox Canvas

There is a photo I took on our holiday to Vancouver that I love.  It’s Miss L skipping down the beach on her own, with the city behind her.  It’s probably my favourite photo of her, I think it really captures her childhood.  So I was pleased when Photobox offered to let me have one of their Canvas Prints to review, because it was my chance to get that photo finally up on my wall where I can look at it all the time.

The Original Photo

The photo wasn’t brilliant as it was taken on my first gen iPhone in 2008, but with a bit of Photoshop magic I managed to get the res up from low to medium quality – that’ll do for me!  Normally if you have any sense you’ll just use a high quality image from a more modern camera rather than digging out something ancient.

The site was dead easy to use, sign up for an account – choose the product – upload an image you like – agree to it and then off to the checkout. It literally took 5 minutes to do.  My budge from Photoboxt was £40 and for that I managed to get a 30.5cm x 20.3cm Classic Canvas (no wrap) and a packet of 3M Command Strips to hang it, plus delivery for £38.98.  Which isn’t too bad for a really special photo if you’re getting it for home or as a present for someone.  I’m intrigued by the command strips, I’ve used them for fairy lights before but not for photos – will they hold it up and for how long?

Three days later my canvas and Command Strips arrived:

I think it’s really, really lovely and the fact it was taken on my iPhone kind of makes it look a bit like a watercolour which I like.  At the moment I’m toying with where to put it, bedroom or lounge? So it’s living on the sideboard until I can decide – but I can feel a new photo wall coming on!


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October Sunset

The exceptionally hot weather we had last week, gave us some amazing sunsets up here in the land of the open skies. I’m not that great at capturing sunsets yet – much harder than you’d think! But I love the blue and orange in this one.  Have a great weekend!

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The Awards…

Friday was a huge amount of fun, despite the heat in London and my mistake of wearing heels for the first time in 2 years!  It was so lovely to meet so many bloggers who I’ve only ever spoken too online before, and to catch up in person with lots of people I only get to see occasionally.

Thanks Nickie @ Typecast for the photo x

I didn’t win, the well deserved prize went to the fabulous Ruth at Geek Mummy  –  but to be honest it felt like winning just being there and having my name called out and doing an impromptu dance with my fellow nominees when Ruth won!

There was such a good vibe there, everyone was cheering everyone else on and you could really feel the community that the bloggers there had.

As you can see everyone was dressed to the nine and my personal favourite outfit of the night belonged to Lisa of Mummy Whisperer who won the best Business Blog. She had the most stunning blue dress from TKMaxx, you can see it in the bottom left photo.

I had a great time and I’d really like to thank the MADS team for such a great event and all their hard work for putting it together, we all really appreciated it x

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