I should be working *waves to husband via RSS Feed* but I’m having a mini break while I figure out how to do something on the iPhone site.  I’m not really procrastinating – of course not!

But look, my ‘love’ birds are back!  They’re either collar doves or wood pigeons ( I can’t tell the difference!) but every spring and autumn they come back to have their babies in our apple tree. Beautiful aren’t they?

Okay back to work…or maybe a coffee and a sausage sandwich?  😉 Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Lovely. And worth the procrastination (or whatever else you want to call it!) I am waiting for my lemon ice-cream to firm up so I can add the juice as the final stage of the recipe – so what else can I do but pop on here? It isn’t enough time to start AND finish another task 😉