Autumn Jobs

It’s a lovely day here so I’ve been looking at jobs to do outside and well there are a few:

1. Paintwork on the Woodwork and the Old Drains.

Peeling isn’t really a good look and as we’ve not touched them in the 8 years we’ve been in this house. I’d probably best get to them before Winter sets in, once water starts to penetrate wood, it’s going to cost a lot more to replace.  It’s only the porch, side door and old drainpipes but they need doing. I’m going to be really dull and paint them black – it’s cheaper and quicker than me spending ages deciding on the perfect shade of dark grey, you know me that could take me months!

2. Drain Covers

When we moved in all the drain covers were missing, no idea where they’d gone, maybe they took them?. So we made some out of chicken wire and well they are still there. I’m going to treat myself to some new ones – oh yeah I know how to live!

3. Weeding

My ancient patio is laid on dirt, and frankly it’s too expensive to get a new one I’d rather have a new bathroom! So I need to weed it *again* and put some weedkiller down, probably my most hated job of the season it’s so back breaking.

4. The Hedges and Trees

I love my hedges but they do go mad every year. To stop my neighbour from hating me the big one needs to be cut down to about 8 ft from it’s current 13ft – this is being done at the weekend by my Dad and Paul.

The trees also need bit of a prune, so you know so I can see daylight. I love my trees, but they have shot up and out and it’s gotten a bit silly. So pleased my Dad knows what he’s doing with them.

5. The Fences and Shed’s

They need painting….but I might just ignore them another season 😉

What jobs have you got planned for Autumn? Anything major or just little ones like mine?



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  1. I have a list too! before winter sets in… was planning on doing a bit of harvesting and preserving of all collected but it’s raining outside! It was supposed to be nice in the 70’s I think the app on my phone is not working properly!! ha!
    So, working on indoor list today!
    callie grayson´s last Post ..HAPPY Friday!My Profile