The Mads

Morning!  I’m just in the middle of packing for going down to London for The Mads tonight.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten half of what I want to take but while I’m having a break,  I wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you who nominated and voted for me. I wouldn’t be having a fun night out in London if it wasn’t for you all x.

I’m lucky enough to be in the ‘Most Innovative’ Category with some fantastic women  – Nickie, Ruth, Heather and Claire – they are amazingly supportive, inventive and downright hilarious! I’ve had the best time emailing with them and carrying out what has been the most genius piece of blogging fun I’ve ever been a part of. Also thanks to Ruth and John for putting this together, it must have been a a labour of love we all really appreciate your hard work.

MADS Ive got a feeling from John Arnold on Vimeo.

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I should be working *waves to husband via RSS Feed* but I’m having a mini break while I figure out how to do something on the iPhone site.  I’m not really procrastinating – of course not!

But look, my ‘love’ birds are back!  They’re either collar doves or wood pigeons ( I can’t tell the difference!) but every spring and autumn they come back to have their babies in our apple tree. Beautiful aren’t they?

Okay back to work…or maybe a coffee and a sausage sandwich?  😉 Have a great day everyone!

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Weekend Link Love

Attempting to work!

It’s been a mad couple of weeks, I’ve been getting a website prepped and ready for the Property iPhone App my husband has written (if any of you are Estate or Letting agents and want an iPhone App for your agency – let me know!).

I’ve also managed to get three blogs done for some amazing bloggers – Ren Behan @Fabulicious Food!, the Fabulous Miss Cherry Red and super mummy blogger Katie and the kids  go check them out if you have time they are all fun to read.

Next week is about getting the iPhone App site shiny and finished and actually making some sales calls, which I’ve never done and is more than a little scary …in fact I’m bloody terrified!  But how hard can it be? At least that’s what I keep telling myself…..Famous last words eh?  Any tips or tricks welcome!

So in the meantime, I’m sitting with my coffee and some cake and going through my GReader, which I’ve ignored the last couple of weeks, along with the housework 😉

I thought I’d share with you my favourite posts:


Pumpkin Cake Tutorial from Domestic Goddesque  – it looks amazing and perfect for a Halloween party.

Spiced Pear Muffins – Via Little Red Buttons. Great idea for using up all those garden pears at the moment.

How to Paint Owl Cookies – via Amelie’s House

Kids Stuff

Homemade Playdough Glitter – via Poppytalk – just awesome!

Retro Harry Potter Travel Posters – via Housewife Conifidential  – not sure this is kids stuff I really want one!

Sister Act – via Kitschy Coo  – beautiful dresses for little girls


Decorating with Photos via Holly Mathis Interiors – been thinking about re-doing mine so the perfect post.

Missoni at Target via Mirror, Mirror – My very lucky friend Paola went a bit mad, but I think I would have too 🙂

Thrifty Christmas Idea:

Lace Tile Coaster – via Martha Stewart – Love this idea as a Christmas gift or something to decorate with.

My other share of the week is that you can get both US Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart Living Magazines on the iPad but for a massively reduced subscription in iTunes.  I think from memory BHG is £10ish for a year and MSLiving is about £13ish for a year which is a huge saving on the £2.50 a month I’ve been spending.  They are the only two decent home magazines I’ve found on the iPad – let me know if there are anymore out there?

Have a great weekend!



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Garden Cuttings

A massive thanks to my parents who came to help us tame our garden this weekend. Hedges were trimmed back, trees prunes and all the roses and lavenders cut back. Miss L rummaged through the cuttings and rescued these for the flower jug, so pretty and they smell amazing!.  I love that she’s still so into nature and flowers even though she’s getting older. So cute!

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Downton Abbey

I’m a little bit excited that Downton Abbey is back on tonight, not least because it’s set in World War One and how will evil Thomas get out of serving in the war?. In honour I’ve done a little Polyvore Collage, not sure it’s particularly historically accurate but I liked the vibe.

Downton by violetposy featuring cameo jewelry

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Autumn Jobs

It’s a lovely day here so I’ve been looking at jobs to do outside and well there are a few:

1. Paintwork on the Woodwork and the Old Drains.

Peeling isn’t really a good look and as we’ve not touched them in the 8 years we’ve been in this house. I’d probably best get to them before Winter sets in, once water starts to penetrate wood, it’s going to cost a lot more to replace.  It’s only the porch, side door and old drainpipes but they need doing. I’m going to be really dull and paint them black – it’s cheaper and quicker than me spending ages deciding on the perfect shade of dark grey, you know me that could take me months!

2. Drain Covers

When we moved in all the drain covers were missing, no idea where they’d gone, maybe they took them?. So we made some out of chicken wire and well they are still there. I’m going to treat myself to some new ones – oh yeah I know how to live!

3. Weeding

My ancient patio is laid on dirt, and frankly it’s too expensive to get a new one I’d rather have a new bathroom! So I need to weed it *again* and put some weedkiller down, probably my most hated job of the season it’s so back breaking.

4. The Hedges and Trees

I love my hedges but they do go mad every year. To stop my neighbour from hating me the big one needs to be cut down to about 8 ft from it’s current 13ft – this is being done at the weekend by my Dad and Paul.

The trees also need bit of a prune, so you know so I can see daylight. I love my trees, but they have shot up and out and it’s gotten a bit silly. So pleased my Dad knows what he’s doing with them.

5. The Fences and Shed’s

They need painting….but I might just ignore them another season 😉

What jobs have you got planned for Autumn? Anything major or just little ones like mine?



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The Kindness of Strangers

Like everyone else today my thoughts are of the tenth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks for those that lost their lives and for their loved ones

But this post is a thank you to another city for the kindness they showed in that time. We were in Vancouver on holiday and we were due to fly home the next day. As it was the last day of our holiday, we’d woken up late and on my way to the shared kitchen I ran into the the B&B owner. He was in shock and he was saying ‘I can’t believe it’ over and over when I asked him what he was talking about he told me in tears to turn the TV on. I walked back to find Paul already had the news on and we sat watching it like everyone else in disbelief.

After a few hours neither of us could watch the TV anymore and needed to get outside. We walked into downtown and everyone was out on the streets, there are a lot of tall buildings in Vancouver and no one wanted to be in them. Oddly for someone who takes photos of anything and everything, I don’t have any of that day. I had my camera with me but I didn’t take a single photo, I just couldn’t.

That afternoon we realised we had a problem, airspace was shut for the forseeable future until it was safe to reopen and we wouldn’t be flying anywhere for days. We along with 8,000 other people diverted into Vancouver airport from all the Pacific flights were stranded.

You know what? The people of Vancouver mobilized and they were bloody amazing. Vancouver airport was rammed with travellers who were stuck there, so local people went to the airport to ask complete strangers some alone, some whole families if they wanted somewhere to stay. This carried on all day, people opened their homes to complete strangers and some of them even drove Americans back home when the boarder re-opened.

John our B&B owner didn’t hesitate, he offered to put us up free of charge, until we could fly out. That night took us to dinner with the other guests who were stranded, a really lovely gesture.

During the few days that followed Barmen who spotted us watching the news, (we were wondering when airspace would re-open) gave us free drinks and food, when we explained we stuck there. The lady who ran the internet cafe let me use her computer for free so I could email home and let our parents know we were ok and jobs that we’d be back late. Everyone we met couldn’t have done enough to help us, it really was amazing.

So from the bottom of my heart I’d like to thank Vancouver for everything they did for us strangers in their city 10 years ago, we’ll never forget it.

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Saturday Market

Wow, it’s been a busy week here. Miss L has been back at school and we’ve been trying to get used to the school routine again.  And I went back to work,  I’ve been working on a pretty special blog all week, which I think is going to look pretty amazing when it’s done.

So today I treated myself to a trip to the Saturday Farmer’s market, they have the best produce and I could easily spend a fortune there.  I was walking down one of the rows when I caught the scent of strawberries. Now the ones in the supermarket have been terrible and out of season for weeks so I’d stopped buying them.  But the ones on the stall looked good and when I chatted with the gentleman on the stall he told me these were garden grown and were sadly the last of his season.  I snapped up two punnets, and one of them is gone already – they were just amazing!

They really were the last taste of summer – delicious!.


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Year 4

It’s a gorgeous sunny Autumnal morning and the leaves are just turning. My house is quiet, school holidays are over and my girl has gone back to school to start Year 4. I’m not sure how that happened, it only seems five minutes ago she was starting reception.

But she was so excited to go back this morning and to meet her new teacher, play with her friends. She prepared her uniform last night, and woke early this morning so she could get in super early.

In fact she was in so much of a rush to get there we didn’t even get our ‘First Day of School’ annual photo. I take one in the same place every year so I can see how she’s grown. She did offer to do it tonight when she gets home, I can live with that 🙂

But the house is now very, very quiet and I miss her.

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