Shabby Chic at House of Fraser

I am a huge fan of Rachel Ashwell, her books have really influenced me and how I decorate my home.  So imagine how excited I was when it was announced she was doing a collection with House of Fraser.  It was released this week and there are some cute affordable things in there, the crockery and glasses especially stand out for me but I really love the white spice rack, which is now on my Christmas list – nothing like planning in August is there?.

The furniture is on the other hand is lovely but rather expensive, more Laura Ashley prices. If you love the look and can’t afford it (I know I don’t have £2,500 lying about to spend on a sofa) Ikea is carrying some very similar items but for a fraction of the price. Like the Shabby Chic version the covers are washable but you can also buy extra washable slip covers for the Ikea range, invaluable if you need to wash or change the covers.

If any of you have a house like mine and you’ve ever chucked red wine over the sofa, the dog vomited on it or your child eats chocolate on the sofa and then sits in it – washable cover are a good thing!  I also quite like the idea and I blame all American blogs and magazines I’ve ever read for this – changing the covers in the winter and summer for different room looks, can you imagine?.


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  1. Oh dear, I am that sad person who has two sets of covers for her sofas… a chintzy job for the Summer and a stripey set for the Winter. My excuse is that I thought it would make them last much longer!

    1. Yeah we had throws on the last sofa and they kept falling off, I’m amazed more companies here don’t sell covers as extras.