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Now I get offered all sorts of weird and wonderful things to review on Violet Posy, but occasionally I get a product I can’t refuse because I love what they sell. Last month Clarks asked me if I wanted to review their school shoes and they would pay for them so I thought why not?

I wore Clarks shoes as a kid, Mum and I would have knock down, drag out, screaming matches in Stead and Simpsons as to what my school shoes would be. It’s only as I head towards 40 without bunions and perfect feet that I can thank my mother. She made me wear them until I was 15 – oh yes you can imagine the shame – 80’s wedge heal anyone?. Thankfully they are now far more stylish and even my little fashionista will wear them without complaint, and trust me that doesn’t happen often!.

I normally get Miss L’s school shoes from our local independent shoe shop which is excellent and there is always a choice of Clarks or Start Right. The ladies in there have known her since she was a baby and they are excellent at measuring and getting just the right shoe, but it can be bit of a bun fight at ‘Back to School’ time.

We went to the Store in Bury St Edmunds which is about a 45 minute drive from ours, for about 9.30am as we walked in we were greeted by the manager who gave Miss L a 3D mini magazine (with glasses) to keep her occupied and me a number to wait in line. He wasn’t expecting us and looked a bit blank when I told him why I was there, but fair enough I had a voucher so I wasn’t that bothered. The magazine came in handy while we were waiting to be served and we only had to wait a few minutes before the fun began.

They had a fancy machine to measure her feet rather than the plastic ‘foot’ and measuring tape we’re used to, it said her feet were just over size 1.5 and nearer a 2. So the nice fitter, asked me what kind of shoes we wanted and listened to the fact that I didn’t want any with dolls in, the one and only pair we’d ever had last Easter didn’t even make it to half term, the inner soles disintegrated – I wasn’t best pleased!

He came back with 3 pairs for Miss L to choose from, all of which were suitable for school and she chose a cute pair which should last into November/December when no doubt her feet have grown again. As she’d gone up a full size, I also asked for some trainers (which were on special offer £5 off) and he duly listened to what I wanted and bought me back the right thing, her school are incredibly picky about them being white or blue . It was very sweet as he was fitting Miss L he was asking her about school and she was giving him a full rundown of everyone in her class LOL! Thankfully were were done in record time, and could get out of the shop which was by now really busy.

The shoes and the trainers came to £57.00 (I had a £50 voucher and I paid the £7.00), which was less than I usually spend as the trainers were on offer. We had a great experience and it wasn’t anything like as stressful as some school shoe shopping trips I’ve been on. Most importantly Miss L loves her new shoes to death – thank you Clarks!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Did the fancy machine do more than just measure? Proper support for the feet is important. It impacts the legs, knees and lower back. I bought running shoes recently and they had the most amazing machines to check the balance in the feet and where arch support is needed etc. I would love shops for children shoes to invest in them. There are too many young children that clearly need (arch) support in their shoes and are not getting it. When I see teenagers who walk unbalanced -leading to back problems- I feel really sorry for them that their parents never gave this topic sufficient attention. Then again, there is soo much to look out for as a parent.

    1. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the lovely reply. They fitted the shoes in the traditional way after determining the size. But I do know the kind of machines you mean as my husband get’s his running trainers from a shop that uses them, they are just amazing. What a good idea to use them with children’s fittings, I wonder if we’ll see them on the high street in coming years?

  2. I always take my 19 mo to Clarks but my only gripe is that as he has mini troll feet (like his daddy), there are limited styles available for his foot width. I really wanted these particular trainers for him but they didn’t go up to a H & I had to get some that I didn’t particularly like the style of. Still stick with them though for the assurance that my son has proper footwear.

    Sam x

    1. Getting a H width must be a nightmare for you! I have the same problem with Miss L’s feet she’s in a adult 2G now and she’s only 8 – I swear she’ll be in the boxes by the time she’s 10. But you’re right they are a bit limited in the width, our usual shop only has one or two types in a G width, so I got all excited this time when she had the choice of 3.

  3. How I miss Clarks shoe shops?! We’ve been living in Australia for over a year and we do still get Clarks shoes (like you, my Clarks appreciation came with a certain maturity), but it’s not the same service and the price leaves me shaking every time! We paid $100 a pair for this year’s school shoes, you got shoes AND trainers for far less 🙂 Oh well! Hopefully our kids will thank us for their lack of bunions one day too!
    Sarah@Mum’s gone 2 Aus´s last Post ..Mum’s top tips for finding a preschool in SydneyMy Profile