Relaxing Weekend?

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to help my parents move a few tonnes of firewood. They are having the ancient bakehouse at the back of their house repaired as the walls are going one way and the roof another and they needed some help clearing it.

Now I love my Dad, but seriously the man needs to stop buying wood for his retirement. No one – unless they own a forest – should have that much wood stashed!  The whole 10×10 room was packed to the rafters with Firewood, so my parents, Miss L, Paul and I cracked on with moving it all to the garage. As you can image there were a lot of very large spiders hiding in there, and poor Miss L was quite scared for a while, but soon overcame her fears to help her grandad restack the logs at the other end.

The funniest thing was as Paul moved the second to last log he came a across a rat – ick!! Now frankly I have NEVER seen him move that quickly across a room!  I don’t know who was more scared him or the rat? 🙂  I’m just grateful we found it at the end or I don’t think we would have been so gung-ho about moving the wood as quickly as we did.

This is the bakehouse after we’d emptied half of the wood……

And here is the garage about halfway through the move…

But check out the beautiful brickwork in the Bakehouse that has been exposed, as you can see it needs some work but it will soon be restored to it’s former beauty and then we have to move it all back again!.

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