I’m amazed at how far along our blackberries are already, they seem to be about 4 weeks ahead of where they normally are.  We’ve already started pie making and freezing them for the winter.  In fact if you’re local and want some, let me know I’m giving them away!  Check your hedgerows and gardens, might be surprised to see what’s there.

**Update – just been over to Homebaked and there are some lovely Blackberry recipes – Blackberry and Apple Curd and Blackberry and Apple Jam**

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  1. you should see the amount of plums we have, ive got 2 carrier bags full plus probably another 4 to go!!!! im going to be doing stuff with plums forever!!

    1. Oooo plums, I love them but our tree is too tall for me to get any so the birds do instead 🙁 What are you going to make with them?

  2. I totally wish I was local to get some blackberries! I’ve not had some for ages. Think I’ll have to pop around to the store to get some next time I’m out and about. 🙂