Wow August seem to have come round quick!  This month is a special one to us as our brilliant friends Suki Lou and her family are emigrating to New Zealand in a few days. We are going to miss them so much, but looking forward to hearing about their new adventures, not to mention we can go and visit!.

Other than that, the Violet Posy household hasn’t been up to much to be honest. We’re in the middle of our summer holidays and now finally we have some decent weather, which means we’ve spent a lot of time at the school swimming pool.  Miss L has been practicing everything she has learnt in her swimming classes, as she like me, isn’t the most confident swimmer (I swim like a brick!) but she’s worked really hard to get more confident in the water and I’m very proud of her.
The other news is that Miss L has decided that she would now like to be back on the blog – hurray! Because frankly it’s really hard not writing about my mini partner in crime, so I’m happy she’s back 🙂


Anyway not much else to report from here other than we have some really gorgeous butterflies in our garden at the moment and I managed to grab a snap of one this morning. Isn’t it pretty?

**Quick Update – I’ve turned the Facebook commenting off because I couldn’t tell when people had commented on old posts and so I wasn’t seeing them at all – sorry about that if you liked it **


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