{Giveaway} Bright Young Things Knitting Book

Morning all!

Miss L and I went to the John Lewis ‘Christmas in July’ Event last week and it was lots of fun, but I’ll save all the yummy things they will have in store until later in the year. Even I can’t write about Christmas shopping in the middle of summer!

Anyway as I was wandering round I spotted this adorable toddler’s dress in the kids section:

It turns out John Lewis are getting into the whole funky make it yourself thing and they will be having a lot of contemporary patterns and materials to make your own clothes, which is good because some of the stuff is a little bit old fashioned.

Low and behold in my goodie bag was the book the dress came from.  It’s a lovely baby and toddler knitting pattern book and there was also a couple of balls of wool to get your started, which would be fabulous for me if I could a) Knit and b) had a baby or a toddler. So as I’m lacking both these things and it’s wasted on me, would one of you like them?

There are some great modern Scandi designs in there, and if you’re expecting or have a toddler or are a Grandma who wants to make your grandchildren something lovely this is the book for you.  I’m opening this up worldwide, because the book isn’t massive and the wool isn’t heavy so I can post it anywhere.

If you’d like the book and the wool (Dress not mine to giveaway!) leave a comment below and I’ll do a random number generator – giveaway closes Monday 25th July at Middday.

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  1. Ooooh I need that Liz, The stress of the big project is taking me through yarn too quickly AND Send it to me and I can make it into a beautiful something for our Lovely friend Karen that is about to pop!

  2. So John Lewis are catching up with the contemporary crafters – bravo!
    I love the colours and patterns use by Milla Mia and would like to have a go at making something for our soon to arrive baby.

  3. Ooooh…what a gorgeous looking book and i know their yarn is scrummy as a friend of mine has used it.
    what a wonderful give away…good old john lewis!
    j x

  4. oh yes please, do include me. I need a kick up the bum to start knitting as I have been dithering about it for a month now, so this could be it!

  5. That dress is awesome! I can knit and have 2 babies and a toddler in the family. I have my fingers crossed!

  6. That’s a lovely book. I have a 5 weeks old little niece who I’d love to knit something for.
    I went through few books but as you say some of them are a bit out of date.

    Please include me in your draw.

  7. Wow, what fun. Looking at Christmas things without the pressure of Christmas being round the corner! I’d love the chance to win the gorgeous book to motivate me to get knitting – all the beautiful creations in blog world have made me want to pick up some needles.