Much Ado..

We had the best weekend away.  Months ago for my birthday, Paul had bought me some tickets to see ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ with David Tennant and Catherine Tate (as I’m a Dr Who and Shakespeare Geek – a win/win!)  So this weekend, after months of waiting we went off down to London for a well earnt ‘grown up’ weekend away in London.  It was so nice to get to London and not have to rush anywhere other than the pub for a pre-theatre drink and then to sit down all afternoon and be entertained.  Many, many thanks to my parents for holding the fort here while we were gone.

I’m a big Shakespeare lover and I was a bit worried about taking Paul as he really isn’t. But this version of ‘Much Ado’ was really entertaining and accesible to the point I could hear my husband laughing his head off next to me at the play – which is a first at Shakespeare for him!.  The Wyndham Theatre is really old and beautifully ornate, which was a great contrast to the  the very simple set and 1980’s vibe they used. I think theatre set designers are amazing, to get something so simple to be so multifunctional – can they come to my house?.   I didn’t take any photos while the cast were on stage but I did take some of the theatre just before the curtains went up.

David Tennant is really wonderful as Benedict which was frankly expected as he is a fantastic actor, but my big surprise was Catherine Tate. Now I loved her in Dr Who and she was probably my favourite Assistant ever, so I knew she could act.  But on stage is the perfect Shakespeare heroine, sassy, sexy and funny – she is now my new girl crush!  The rest of the cast were very good, some of the people I recognised as character actions from TV but I don’t know their names as I didn’t buy a programme *smacks self the head* but they were all fantastic!

So I’d like to give Paul a massive thanks for such a fantastic weekend away, it’s really made my summer holidays x


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And the winner is……

The Winner of the Wool and Knitting Book is……

Which is Steffi Keir which was a Facebook comment!  Congratulations Steffi, I haven’t got your email but hopefully I’ll be able to get in contact on Facebook.


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{Giveaway} Bright Young Things Knitting Book

Morning all!

Miss L and I went to the John Lewis ‘Christmas in July’ Event last week and it was lots of fun, but I’ll save all the yummy things they will have in store until later in the year. Even I can’t write about Christmas shopping in the middle of summer!

Anyway as I was wandering round I spotted this adorable toddler’s dress in the kids section:

It turns out John Lewis are getting into the whole funky make it yourself thing and they will be having a lot of contemporary patterns and materials to make your own clothes, which is good because some of the stuff is a little bit old fashioned.

Low and behold in my goodie bag was the book the dress came from.  It’s a lovely baby and toddler knitting pattern book and there was also a couple of balls of wool to get your started, which would be fabulous for me if I could a) Knit and b) had a baby or a toddler. So as I’m lacking both these things and it’s wasted on me, would one of you like them?

There are some great modern Scandi designs in there, and if you’re expecting or have a toddler or are a Grandma who wants to make your grandchildren something lovely this is the book for you.  I’m opening this up worldwide, because the book isn’t massive and the wool isn’t heavy so I can post it anywhere.

If you’d like the book and the wool (Dress not mine to giveaway!) leave a comment below and I’ll do a random number generator – giveaway closes Monday 25th July at Middday.

***Comments on this post are now closed!***



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The Staycation

We’re having a holiday at home this year this week we’re all off and exploring East Anglia.  Yesterday we headed up to the North Norfolk Coast to have an explore and eat lots of fish and chips!  It was a glorious day yesterday and despite all the driving (4 hours worth!) it was worth it for the views and seeing the sea for the first time properly this year.

Holt had the most amazing little shops and I would have snapped this dress up, if I were a few stone lighter – so pretty!

Across the way from the vintage dress shop was a really lovely shabby chic home and gifts store, which was very french vintage chic.

Not far from Holt is Sheringham which has become bit of a favourite of ours. I love that they too still have their bunting up.

We got our chips and then wandered down to the beach to eat them, and check out the sea – how blue and Mediterranean is the North Sea looking??  We did have a paddle and yes it was as cold as ever! Not to be swum in by the faint hearted.


I was so in love with North Nofolk still that last night I spent hours on RightMove having a look at houses – the fact that there is no work up there or railway lines into London was obviously beside the point 🙂

Today wasn’t nearly as glam, we thought we’d check out South Cambridgeshire, but after visiting Royston (not much there) and we drove over to Saffron Walden to have an explore. It was very pretty in a medieval way and had free on road parking – result!  No idea where we’ll go tomorrow, just off to look at a map now.

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New Toy

It’s all Jay at Jay Mountford Photography’s fault, I went to her really informative and inspirational photo workshop at Cybermummy and I realised that my iPhone and various Point and Shoot cameras were….well a bit crap (sorry iPhone!).  A million years ago I used to have a print Cannon SLR which I loved, but I ditched it when I got my first digital camera back in 2001.  I always meant to get a Digital SLR but they were really expensive, and then I had Miss L, gave up work etc, so I didn’t get round to buying one until now.

I had to set myself a budget of £300ish, which wasn’t much in the world of the DSLR but I’ve found myself a nice little ‘bridge camera’ FujiFilm HS20EXR for £320.00 on Amazon. It has all the nice bits of a point and shoot but also has the complicated SLR stuff that I need to learn.

So far I’ve only had bit of play in the garden and I’m really happy with the results and they are much, much better than the ones I was taking before:

I think other than the dishwasher, this might be my buy of the year!



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Lazy Sunday

We’re having a chilled out Sunday, watching movies and reading here today, it’s been a busy week and we’re on the wind down to school ending next week.  So I thought I’d share with you some link love to the posts I’ve enjoyed today with my giant mug of coffee:

From 79 ideas a fabulous list of 15 online magazines

Via Abby at Little Red Buttons – From Me to You – incredibile cinemagraphs

Tiny House Blog – amazing where people will build houses

Pretty Garden Posy from Sew Sweet Violet

I need some of these – Tips for decorating your Bedroom from Inspired Room

Images of Summer Holidays from Remodelling this Life

via the every stylish Natalie at Bambino Goodies – A Free Summer Printable Calendar from Kinderpendent

How to make Glass Lamps for the Back Garden – Poppy Talk

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

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