Creating Shade

Kat from Housewife Confidential shared this product months ago with me on Google Reader. It seemed a bit daft writing about it in dark and dismal February, but as on Monday my car’s temperature gauge was reading 35c degrees (95f)  it now seems a bit more appropriate.

These rather gorgeous sunshades made by Hollie and Harrie in Melbourne, Australia, they are ideal for the beach or garden and they ship them internationally.  I’m very jealous they are just beautiful and nice and big so you can get everyone under there.  The problem I have with those little beach tents you can get from Millets etc is that I just can’t get them up with the North Sea wind blowing when I’m up at the beach in Norfolk. Something like this is a little easier – less fiddly poles to fight with when the wind is getting up.


Obviously you can make something similar yourself, I have a vague recollection of my aunt or grandmother making one for me when I was little. I spotted some inexpensive canopies on the Ikea website too.  But anything like that is ideal over a reading area in the garden or a child’s sandpit or paddling pool.  It can also looks pretty glamorous!

A covered area in the garden can also make the idea place to eat and chill out with family during the heat of the day, we’ve grown trees over our BBQ area so we can sit in the shade no matter what time of the day we are out there. It’s nice to pop out in the sun to have a play and then back under the shade for food and a Pimms where it’s cooler

 I’m joining in with Sun Savvy Bloggers in promoting sun awareness, due to the untimely death of my friend at age 29 from Skin Cancer.  Find out more at the Cancer Research’s Sun Safe website on how to protect yourself, your children and about vital early detection.



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  1. love them – they are fabulous and just what us gingers ordered! florence is fair skinned so am going to tell mel 🙂 ta hone as always great ideas!

  2. Thanks for reminding me about this! Have been thinking of getting a sun sail for the garden and the Ikea ones look perfect.

    Brilliant cause and I know it is close to your heart x

  3. Oooo, so cool. I think I have to make a trip to the upholstery fabric store. You could make these with the bigger remnants. 😉