Mini Kids Bedroom Makeover

Hi Everyone, thanks for the all the lovely comments on my last post they really cheered me up.  I’m now on the mend, but I’m still getting tired easily which is a bit limiting.   As I’m not up to too much, I decided to do an easy mini project in the now anonymous child’s bedroom.

She’d spotted a rather gorgeous child’s room on the Pottery Barn Kids Website (which btw is now shipping to the UK and lots of other non US Countries)

She really wanted the blossom tree in her room as she is a little nature child and I thought it looked pretty cool too. Now I know you could have made it with some brown paint and pink and green paper – but I’m not that talented, it would have gone seriously wonky!  So I bought a huge blossom tree wall sticker from eBay for £6.49 and then set about putting it up.

The first problem I ran into wasn’t the endless post-it notes that were on the walls or even the blu tacked pictures, but the bunting I’d lazily stuck up with sticky tape years ago. It had set to the wall and of course when I pulled it all the paint came away with it in massive chunks.

Luckily as I didn’t fancy re-painting a whole wall,  the new flower stickers went over the marks perfectly.

The good thing about the stickers is that they, pull off easily if you’ve put them in the wrong place. I didn’t initially realize it would be so massive and put it too low, but I just peeled it off and popped it up a bit higher. And here’s the finished result – not quite as fabulous as the Pottery Barn one, but quite pretty and cute all the same and child (I must think up an anonymous name for her) loves it.  I’m just waiting for it to be covered with new post-it notes!


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  1. Ohhh that’s gorgeous! I think I may have to do something similar for Zack and Max’s room… but I do need to paint over the pink that’s been on 2 of the walls since we moved in nearly 2 years ago. *cough* 😉

    1. LOL! Pink can be very nurturing colour 😉 L’s room was last painted 8 years ago when we moved in so don’t feel bad! There are some amazingly cool robot stickers and computer games boy ones, when you do get their room done x.