{DVD Review} Tangled Mini Review

This has been the half term from hell, I’ve caught a coughing virus and have been really ill all week – it turns out not being able to breathe and coughing your lungs up all week is a complete bummer when you have a small child off school. I feel awful she’s not even been to the park or shops all week, we’ve not done any art or gone to the beach. I have huge Mummy guilt for her crappy half term.

So Disney sending me their new release Tangled has been an utter godsend. She’s watched it to death and for a kid who’s not exactly into princesses – she’s more of a pirate girl – she really enjoyed it. It’s the story of Rapunzel updated and Disneyfied, as you can imagine the animation is beautiful and while there aren’t the memorable songs of ‘Aladdin’ or ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Alan Menkin’s score is fun and right on the mark. There aren’t any majorly scary bits and it’s I think one of the better Disney films of the last few years – more Pixar like with it’s humour and pace.

Here’s the trailer:

And there are some nice little games on the website to play as well – check them out if you’re kids are into the film.  I hope you’re all having a better half term than us x

(*Full Disclosure – I received a copy of Tangled for free*)

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  1. Oooh website, must have a look. I let my mum buy Naomi “Tangled” for her recent birthday, despite trying to reign in the over-excesses of Disney in general, coz I thought it looked like a better film than most of recent years. More akin to Shrek which I’m happy with and the kids adore. Have only seen the first half (was out when they watched the second) and I was really generally pleased with it 🙂

    1. I’m glad you and Naomi liked it too 🙂 I thought it was fun and Lily really loved it – I think she’s on like viewing 12 she even took it to her grandparents this weekend and she never does that.

  2. Tangled has been a huge hit in this household as well, and I even bought the soundtrack album, which we now have to play in the car any time we drive anywhere!

    As I tend to try to get on with housework whilst the television is on, I’ve only seen segments of the film, and not the whole thing! What I’ve seen looks great though, and the music is brilliant (I’ve always liked Alan Menken)
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  3. Thanks for your tangled review.This is the first time I heard about this. I love Walt Disney so much

  4. It looks absolutely rubbish – ugly animation and crass story-telling. Another fairy tale ruined.

  5. I can’t wait to watch it with my kids already, i think that it’s an original twist to a pretty regular story…i love it when Disney come out with good movies 🙂