Creating Shade

Kat from Housewife Confidential shared this product months ago with me on Google Reader. It seemed a bit daft writing about it in dark and dismal February, but as on Monday my car’s temperature gauge was reading 35c degrees (95f)  it now seems a bit more appropriate.

These rather gorgeous sunshades made by Hollie and Harrie in Melbourne, Australia, they are ideal for the beach or garden and they ship them internationally.  I’m very jealous they are just beautiful and nice and big so you can get everyone under there.  The problem I have with those little beach tents you can get from Millets etc is that I just can’t get them up with the North Sea wind blowing when I’m up at the beach in Norfolk. Something like this is a little easier – less fiddly poles to fight with when the wind is getting up.


Obviously you can make something similar yourself, I have a vague recollection of my aunt or grandmother making one for me when I was little. I spotted some inexpensive canopies on the Ikea website too.  But anything like that is ideal over a reading area in the garden or a child’s sandpit or paddling pool.  It can also looks pretty glamorous!

A covered area in the garden can also make the idea place to eat and chill out with family during the heat of the day, we’ve grown trees over our BBQ area so we can sit in the shade no matter what time of the day we are out there. It’s nice to pop out in the sun to have a play and then back under the shade for food and a Pimms where it’s cooler

 I’m joining in with Sun Savvy Bloggers in promoting sun awareness, due to the untimely death of my friend at age 29 from Skin Cancer.  Find out more at the Cancer Research’s Sun Safe website on how to protect yourself, your children and about vital early detection.



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CyberMummy Trip

Cybermummy this year was a lot of fun, we had a bumpy start getting there.   Kat and I met up very early on the platform at Ely and then met Karen at Cambridge for our trip down. We were having a good old chat when we realised our train had stopped outside of Letchworth, and the train driver said he needed to ‘reboot’ the train (never a good sign) eventually they gave up and kicked us all off the train.  So we caught the next train which stopped at every station into London and we got to Cybermummy an hour later than we meant to.

But we got there in time for the commencing speakers and to see the amazing room of 400 plus bloggers all in one place.  I enjoyed hearing about Facebook from Lord Richard Allan and how they are trying to improve their reporting systems (they need to!)

Then listening to Sarah Brown.  She was such an engaging and interesting speaker with such passion for her charity Piggy Bank Kids, I could have happily listened to her for much longer.

I must admit the only breakout session I went to was Jay’s photography workshop, which was just amazing. Fun and informative and gave me a new perspective of taking photos and how to use a camera (I’m now saving up for a fancy DSLR!). Big thanks to Rachael for being my muse!

Then I pretty much hung out in the chill out room being massaged, made over and chatting to old blogging friends Justine, Jen, Rachael, Clare, Emma, Erica, Jo, Tara,  and also met some I’ve only known online Sam, Fenngirl, notSupermum, Spudballoo, Chet which was fabulous they are as lovely as their blogs!.  There were so many people there though and I missed loads of people I wanted to talk to but I’m hoping to chat to them all next year.

Here are my not very good photos of the day – photography is going to be new thing to learn:


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Cybermummy 11

I’m off down to London tomorrow with my blogging pals Kat from 3 Bedroom Bungalow and Karen from Rubbish Diet to Cybermummy 11 (in a Brewery, somewhere in London – seems appropriate!)  I have to say I’m really looking forward to it,  last year was amazing.  I got to meet so many people that I  chat to online, read their blogs – although a little scary at first –  it was wonderful.  And this year I’m hoping to catch all the people I missed last year – big room easily done!

I know I’m a bit late to this as I’ve read loads of these in the last couple of months but here’s my meet and greet – if you see me come and say Hi! 🙂

So here’s mine:

Name:   Liz Grayson
Blog:   Violet Posy (
Twitter ID:   @violetposy
Height:   5ft 4
Hair:   Long dark brown and hopefully straight if the hairdresser get’s it right today.
Eyes:   Green/Hazel
Likes:   Technology, Shabby Chic, Cath Kidston, Monsoon, Shopping and has a massive magazine collection. Life long techie and bit of a sci fi geek.

I’m going to be in a long dark blue top, Jeans and Converse with a glass of wine in my hand and my iPhone in the other (not bringing the iPad this year too much to carry!)

Look forward to meeting you all!



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Mini Kids Bedroom Makeover

Hi Everyone, thanks for the all the lovely comments on my last post they really cheered me up.  I’m now on the mend, but I’m still getting tired easily which is a bit limiting.   As I’m not up to too much, I decided to do an easy mini project in the now anonymous child’s bedroom.

She’d spotted a rather gorgeous child’s room on the Pottery Barn Kids Website (which btw is now shipping to the UK and lots of other non US Countries)

She really wanted the blossom tree in her room as she is a little nature child and I thought it looked pretty cool too. Now I know you could have made it with some brown paint and pink and green paper – but I’m not that talented, it would have gone seriously wonky!  So I bought a huge blossom tree wall sticker from eBay for £6.49 and then set about putting it up.

The first problem I ran into wasn’t the endless post-it notes that were on the walls or even the blu tacked pictures, but the bunting I’d lazily stuck up with sticky tape years ago. It had set to the wall and of course when I pulled it all the paint came away with it in massive chunks.

Luckily as I didn’t fancy re-painting a whole wall,  the new flower stickers went over the marks perfectly.

The good thing about the stickers is that they, pull off easily if you’ve put them in the wrong place. I didn’t initially realize it would be so massive and put it too low, but I just peeled it off and popped it up a bit higher. And here’s the finished result – not quite as fabulous as the Pottery Barn one, but quite pretty and cute all the same and child (I must think up an anonymous name for her) loves it.  I’m just waiting for it to be covered with new post-it notes!


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Been a While…

Sorry I’ve not blogged for a while, but the coughing virus didn’t go (still with me but not as bad)  and then a close friend died and I didn’t really feel like blogging or doing much else to be honest. It’s only in the last couple of days I’ve felt more like getting out of bed and getting back to work.

I’m trying to decide what to do with the blog as well, Miss L doesn’t want to be on it anymore (which is going to be hard!) but she can Google now – so fair enough! So I think it’s heading more towards home and country style or maybe I should  do a whole new blog?  I’m still toying with the idea, it could be fun to go off and do something utterly new.  But a massive thank you for bearing with me while I sort myself out 🙂



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{DVD Review} Tangled Mini Review

This has been the half term from hell, I’ve caught a coughing virus and have been really ill all week – it turns out not being able to breathe and coughing your lungs up all week is a complete bummer when you have a small child off school. I feel awful she’s not even been to the park or shops all week, we’ve not done any art or gone to the beach. I have huge Mummy guilt for her crappy half term.

So Disney sending me their new release Tangled has been an utter godsend. She’s watched it to death and for a kid who’s not exactly into princesses – she’s more of a pirate girl – she really enjoyed it. It’s the story of Rapunzel updated and Disneyfied, as you can imagine the animation is beautiful and while there aren’t the memorable songs of ‘Aladdin’ or ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Alan Menkin’s score is fun and right on the mark. There aren’t any majorly scary bits and it’s I think one of the better Disney films of the last few years – more Pixar like with it’s humour and pace.

Here’s the trailer:

And there are some nice little games on the website to play as well – check them out if you’re kids are into the film.  I hope you’re all having a better half term than us x

(*Full Disclosure – I received a copy of Tangled for free*)

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