Adding a thumbnail to an excerpt post in WordPress

This post is especially for the lovely Muddling Along Mummy and Mummy Whisperer so they can add thumbnail images to their excerpt posts on WordPress.  It was too long to explain in 140 characters on Twitter so I thought I’d do it here in case it’s useful for anyone else who went to Blog Camp. They are both using self hosted WordPress and the Atahualpa theme (just so you know).

So you’ve set your theme to show only excerpt posts but the thumbnail image isn’t coming up on the page:

To add the image to posts that are missing them:

1. Go back into the post and click edit and then:


From there you can either use an image from your Media Gallery, Upload an entirely new one or one from a URL, like you would if you were uploading an image normally.  For this example I’m just going to use one from the existing gallery:

1. Choose Thumbnail

2. Click on ‘Use as Featured Image’

3. Save what you’ve done

Come out of that screen and then re-publish the post and this is what you’ll see



Adding a thumbnail to a post while writing it:

Going forward though you’ll just want to add the image while you’re writing the post.  Add an image as you usually would, just be aware of the option in the ‘image add’ area:

So as well as adding a certain image as medium, large or full size if you want to use that image as the thumbnail for the frontpage also click on ‘Use as Featured Image’ and save as you would usually and then that will do it as you go along.

Shout if you have any questions?

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  1. Thanks for the detailed tip. Now I know how to add thumbnails to an excerpt.

    I have some questions: How do you find interesting images? How do you deal with copyright issues?

    1. Hi Amanda, I try to use my own photos most of the time, but occasionally when I need them I either contact PR for a company or ask a magazine if I can use their images. Best Wishes Liz

  2. Some blogs have amazing images in the home page and category. I wanted to know how the post excerpts in a category page have images lined up. So that’s how one does it. Thanks for the video.