RIP Dialup

Time has moved on….

‘Mum, what’s this movie’

‘It’s The Matrix Miss L, and you’re too little to see it’

‘Why not?’

“Too much violence, but I think you’ll like the story when you’re older’

‘What’s it about then?’

‘Well there is a big computer running a programme called The Matrix, and it’s tricked people into thinking it’s Real Life.  People use telephone lines to dial in and out of the computer system to travel between real life and The Matrix’

‘I don’t understand?’

‘You don’t understand what, sweetie?’

‘Dial up, what’s that?’

I explain the concept of dial up internet and using a computer constantly attached to a phone line….

‘You used WHAT?? HA HA HA HA HA’ Child runs off laughing at the ‘olden times’


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  1. Thats brilliant! How fast things change! I remember waiting for half an hour for a commodore 64 game to load when I was a kid, a bit of a change from the games now. 🙂

  2. Hahaha I think my Zack would be the same! He’s actually watched all the matrixes, *really* enjoyed them, especially the 2nd one! And the first three Terminators. The last one was too boring for him though because there weren’t any “proper good terminators mummy”, apparently!

  3. I remember I used dial up when I bought my first computer in 1986. I had to use dial up because there wasn’t anything. I almost fainted when I received my first phone bill after I started surfing the net.
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