Adding a thumbnail to an excerpt post in WordPress

This post is especially for the lovely Muddling Along Mummy and Mummy Whisperer so they can add thumbnail images to their excerpt posts on WordPress.  It was too long to explain in 140 characters on Twitter so I thought I’d do it here in case it’s useful for anyone else who went to Blog Camp. They are both using self hosted WordPress and the Atahualpa theme (just so you know).

So you’ve set your theme to show only excerpt posts but the thumbnail image isn’t coming up on the page:

To add the image to posts that are missing them:

1. Go back into the post and click edit and then:


From there you can either use an image from your Media Gallery, Upload an entirely new one or one from a URL, like you would if you were uploading an image normally.  For this example I’m just going to use one from the existing gallery:

1. Choose Thumbnail

2. Click on ‘Use as Featured Image’

3. Save what you’ve done

Come out of that screen and then re-publish the post and this is what you’ll see



Adding a thumbnail to a post while writing it:

Going forward though you’ll just want to add the image while you’re writing the post.  Add an image as you usually would, just be aware of the option in the ‘image add’ area:

So as well as adding a certain image as medium, large or full size if you want to use that image as the thumbnail for the frontpage also click on ‘Use as Featured Image’ and save as you would usually and then that will do it as you go along.

Shout if you have any questions?

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Arranging Sweetpeas

I love sweetpeas and while they aren’t blooming yet in my garden our local market sells them for £2.50 a bunch, so I’ve been buying them for the last couple of weeks to brighten up the dining room. The problem I find with sweetpeas is because they are so longstemmed it’s hard to find a vase that stops them from drooping. So I’ve been using an old Paul Mason wine bottle – it also works really well for Peonies too.  Cheap, simple and you get to drink the wine too!


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Something Blue

I’ve become a little obsessed with this shade of blue….Tardis blue…isn’t it just the most perfect shade of dark blue?  I’ve been thinking for a while that it would be nice to have a front door in that colour. Unfortunately our front door is ancient white UPVC but it does need replacing…you can see where I’m going with this can’t you?

I had a look around some online door sites I discovered that you can get composite doors in that shade.   So I thought I’d run my geeky idea past my friends on Facebook to see if it was utterly sad or bordering on cool? Turns out my friends would also like a tardis blue front door too – mostly in the hope of it making their houses ‘bigger on the inside’ –  I am not alone!

Then yesterday I was walking through town and look what I spotted on two of the oldest houses in town

Bishops Palace built in 1550

Georgian House from about 1800 – maybe earlier?

I think it works really well, especially with the green planting and white woodwork around the door – what do you all think?

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RIP Dialup

Time has moved on….

‘Mum, what’s this movie’

‘It’s The Matrix Miss L, and you’re too little to see it’

‘Why not?’

“Too much violence, but I think you’ll like the story when you’re older’

‘What’s it about then?’

‘Well there is a big computer running a programme called The Matrix, and it’s tricked people into thinking it’s Real Life.  People use telephone lines to dial in and out of the computer system to travel between real life and The Matrix’

‘I don’t understand?’

‘You don’t understand what, sweetie?’

‘Dial up, what’s that?’

I explain the concept of dial up internet and using a computer constantly attached to a phone line….

‘You used WHAT?? HA HA HA HA HA’ Child runs off laughing at the ‘olden times’


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The Week So Far…

Sorry I’ve not been writing here a lot recently, I’ve just been feeling blah with nothing to write about. I think my hayfever has gotten to me and while I’m not runny eyed and sneezing like usual I’m just exhausted all the time. All I want to do is curl into a ball and fall asleep – wouldn’t that be nice?

Enough of my whinging though, something that’s perked me up today is the news that I’ve made it to the finals of the Mads Parent Blog Awards.  Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me, I really appreciate it ((HUGS))

Violet Posy is up for Most Innovative Blog alongside some of my favourite bloggers @nickie72 ( @geekmummy ( @20somethingmum ( @notefromlapland (

If you fancy voting for me you can click here and vote and while you’re there check out all the other brilliant bloggers too, I’m honoured to be in their company.

MAD Blog Awards 2011


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Pinterest iPhone App

Like most of you my Pinterest addiction is quite out of control, so imagine my utter delight this morning when they launched their free App.  I can now Pin and repin for my phone – yay! In fact I’ve deleted my Twitter App to make way for it as my iPhone is running out of space. I think it’s more relaxing to be pinning late at night rather than reading Twitter!.

It’s on the App Store just search for ‘Pinterest’ or click here and download it. If anyone would like a Pinterest invite, just comment below and I’ll send an e-mail invite to you.  Happy Pinning!

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I’ve done something right

I had to share this ‘Proud Mummy Moment’. On Friday, some of the Royal Wedding celebrations in our town involved the traditional fancy dress party for all the kids.  So of course my girl wanted to take part and was a very pretty princess sorry Anne Boleyn and we joined a group of beautifully dressed little boys and girls who were taking part.

The Mayor didn’t know anything about the competition as the local paper had organized it and then disappeared.  So he was left with the duty of awarding the two prizes.  Poor man didn’t want to make any of the children cry, so he broke up the two bags of prizes so all the children would go away with something. Which worked brilliantly for the boys  – five boys/five prizes, but there were twelve girls and five prizes.

He looked to the crowd to see if anyone had a spare item on them that could be used as a prize, whilst someone ran to the local museum shop to pick up some pencils and bits. One lady offered up a stained glass window mini flower and then everyone looked a bit blank.  Then we heard a little voice:

‘Would you like to use my flowers as a prize?’

Miss L had offered the flowers she was using as a bouquet to the Mayor as a prize for the smaller children.  I think my heart completely melted into a puddle of goo, I was so proud of my generous little girl.  Luckily someone soon came back with pencils and and some other bits and bobs and there was a prize for all, so her flowers weren’t needed, but it was without a doubt my proudest Mummy moment yet.




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Yesterday there was a holiday market in town and I had to buy these beautiful Clematis when I saw them. I just couldn’t resist the colours and two for £10, they were bit of a bargain too.  No idea where I’m going to put them though!

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