End of the Holidays

It feels like I’ve not been on here for ages and I think it’s only been a week or so.  I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter Holiday?  What have you all been up to?

We’re back to school and work on Tuesday, and I’m amazed at how quickly the holidays have flown. I was dreading having nearly 4 weeks off, but it’s actually been really brilliant.  The weather has been fabulous, we’ve visited friends, gone to the beach, gone to the Science Museum (great for older children, not so brilliant for toddlers), an Easter Egg hunt at my parents, watching the new Dr Who and of course the Royal Wedding .

We started on our raised veggie beds, but I need to infill them – not sure how I’m going to get the amount of topsoil needed to them though? My Dad reckons I need about a ton – but that is my Dad talking!  One of the beds is going to be Miss L’s and she’s got her herbs and flowers ready to go in, I just need to sort the dirt out.

The beautiful weather has meant that our garden is a month ahead of where it normally is a this time of the year. The peonies are budding and the roses are coming through too.   But it also meant that weeds have gone mad as well, and I had been trying to tackle them but not really getting anywhere.  When we went away to visit some friends, my parents came to dog and house sit, and they were supposed to be treating it as a holiday. You know sitting in the garden reading, visiting the market, playing with the dog but they didn’t do that.  Look what they did instead:

The cleared the bramble bed of doom!! Seriously I thought I’d need a week or so to do it on my own and bless them they did it in 2 days and replanted! They also de-weeded the patio, planted up some sweet peas for me and did some beautiful pink hydrangea pots.

They gave it to us as an anniversary present and frankly it’s the best one ever! All I need to do now is find some nice patio furniture this weekend and we can really enjoy it with a nice glass of Pimms.




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  1. We have two beds about that size and don’t think we needed a tonne to fill them! We were very lucky as our neighbour was digging out an area of his garden and needed to get rid of topsoil so we took down the fence and he filled the beds. We then dug through lots of well rotted manure and compost. You can have topsoil delivered relatively easily and not at great cost.
    Kat´s last Post ..Royal Wedding Street PartyMy Profile

  2. Gosh, your parents are such sweethearts!

    Sounds like you have had a fabulous break, always good to recharge the batteries for the next exhausting onslaught of life ;-)!

  3. I love that hydrangea! I have to try and buy one this year to plant. I got one as a housewarming gift (summer of 2008) and it has yet to bloom. It was from a garden center, so not the big blooming kind that you have, but still I expected a couple of blooms by now. It’s grown quite a bit, but no blooms. We’ll see what happens this year.

    My tulips, however, looked fab this year! Snapped a couple of photos the other day and will have to post. Good luck with your plantings…can’t wait to see how your garden grows. 🙂
    laura @ the shorehouse´s last Post ..Wee Williams Big DayMy Profile

  4. How lovely 🙂 Wish I had parents like that! This year we covered our beds for the winter with black plastic sheeting. Bought off ebay for really not very much and it has done a fantastic job just held down flat with old house bricks.

  5. Glad you have enjoyed the holidays, we have enjoyed the glorious weather as well. We enjoyed visiting various days out and as we have not long moved we got to sort some of the garden out, looks like yours is going to be spectacular.

  6. Summer Vacations … ahh brings back childhood memories where we used to go to our grand parents house and do so many crazy stuff.. like fishing in the small pond, growing mango saplings, eating wild berries. Now I struggle to think about what should I do.. By the way, I loved the hydrangea.