{Mini Review} Feather and Black

Feather and Black sent me some Pajamas for Miss L to try as they have just launched a new kids range.   Miss L’s just gone into age 9-10 clothes despite being only just 8 (tall like her daddy!) and finding appropriate clothes for her age in that size is getting harder and in some shops.  She’s still of an age where she wants snuggly PJ’s and nighties which are pretty – not the easiest thing to find anymore I’ve discovered!

So Feather and Black asked her to choose a pair from their new range of girls pajamas and she chose the Lola Pajamas which in her size are £20 and £19 for younger sizes.

Image from Feather and Black

I liked them, they are of similar quality to White Company and Boden PJ’s and at the same price point.  I think unless she has another massive growth spurt (please no!) we should have about a year’s wear out of them which is what we normally get from White Company and Boden. I’ve washed them 3 times so far – seriously if there’s tea or jam about that child can get it all on PJ’s! – and they have come up just fine each time, even on a 60 degree boil wash.  They are a little more modern and less ‘little girly’ which Miss L liked, but they have a nice selection so check out their range for boys and girls here






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