Ikea Summer

I always love it when summer is coming,  Ikea bring their garden range out. It’s generally only available instore and not for order online.  BOO! Dear Ikea please can we have a store in East Anglia?  But it’s great how it’s pretty inexpensive and as we only use our garden furniture for a couple of months, I never really feel like spending hundreds on it.  Also I’m an utter sucker for outdoor lights of all sorts,  look at all those pretty lanterns!


Images from Ikea
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  1. I have asked for the lights for my Birthday. I’ll be quiet about how close there is one to me too as I am sure that knowing I could drive there in five minutes will cause you to throw things at me. And not the Swedish Meatballs we all adore… oh and don’t read the post I have linked to this comment. You won’t love me any more if you do!
    PippaD @ A Mothers Ramblings´s last Post ..A Family Fun Evening Out!My Profile

    1. I am super envious! 😉 Enjoy your gorgeous lights!!

      I so miss Ikea, I used to be able to see it’s towers out of my kitchen window in Croydon. So I can appreciate a 5 minute drive!) Off to read your post now xx

  2. The problem for me isn’t that I dont have an Ikea, it’s that I can’t ever fit anything I buy in my tiny car! But I should figure it out, because this is the time of year to be out in the yard with some beautiful new Ikea lighting and furniture.

    1. LOL! I have the same problem, there is no getting anything bigger than a shelf in my car. I hope you have a great summer!