This is Me Meme

Rosie Scribble tagged me ages ago with the This is Me Meme – started by the genius that is Tara Cain over at Sticky Fingers – her off the Gallery every week.

Here’s the rules such as they are (I like rules like that!)

  • Ask your child – their age doesn’t matter – to draw a picture of you.
  • Post it on your blog.
  • Let’s call it the This is Me Meme
  • Err, that’s it.
  • Pass it on to your friends/enemies if you want to.

So here’s me as drawn by Miss Miss L aged 8

I swear my neck isn’t really that long and I don’t wear necklaces EVER so no idea where they come from, I’m just grateful she didn’t draw me rounder 🙂

If anyone would like to join in – let me know and if you want to see more child blogger art pop over here

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